Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th and a Special Birthday

Yes, It's Friday the 13th!
No, we are not superstitious.
The 13th has actually been a pretty good day for me.
My birthday is March 13th.
We were married on August 13th.
My oldest son was born on February 13, 1996.
Here are a few pictures of the birthday boy.
About 1 month old
First Family Photo
Making paper hats with Grandma & Pap
Logan & Snickers
2008 Football Season
Where has all the time gone??
He was just a baby last year!!
Happy 13th Birthday Logan


Carmen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!!! You are one handsome young man ( pretty cute in the paper hat also:)
Boy the time sure does fly, I remember my son being a baby and now he's 17 and driving!!

Country Whispers said...

Carmen...I don't even want to think about him driving. The thought itself makes me age by 10 years at least!

The Wife said...

Happy Birthday Logan! 13 is my lucky number too!

Farmchick said...

Happy Birthday to Logan!! Time does go by too fast!

Granny Sue said...

Happy birthday, Logan!

I love the football pic and the one of the three of you. He's grown into quite a guy.