Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Farm Girl Finish

Well it's not quite a finish but the top is done and ready to be put on my quilting frame. This will turn into my winter project. Lots of evenings will be spent hand quilting this.

I still have quilt top #2 to finish too. It is also from the Farm Girl Vintage pattern but in pretty pastel shades. 
I've been working a good bit lately so I haven't had much time to craft or blog for that matter. I have so much email to catch up on it's unbelievable but that's o.k. because believe it or not I really enjoy my job.
Hopefully with the Thanksgiving break and the Christmas holiday I will get a bit more time to catch up.

Have a great evening!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

I have been waiting for almost six months to start this quilt. You see, I have several other quilts that are still unfinished so I told myself that I COULD NOT start another until those were finished. 
Well the others still aren't finished but I could wait no longer. Summer is pretty much over in the sense of work and school schedules. Monday begins the new school year and I couldn't wait any longer to get stitching on this before our vacation ended.
I began about a week ago and I am having so much fun with these blocks. I chose to make mine in the 12 inch blocks which are a nice size and easy to work with. It really shouldn't take me long to complete the blocks and get it on the quilting frame. 
If you've never heard of Farm Girl Vintage or Lori Holt then you really should check her blog out.
                       - Bee In My Bonnet - 
This has been the best quilt book that I have ever worked out of. She provides simple and easy instructions with step by step pictures. Well worth the money!

I'm off to check the skies for the meteor shower that is supposed to happen tonight and then off to count sheep.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

"In My Garden Quilt" and My "real" Garden

Here are the next blocks for my "In My Garden" quilt.
Block number three is my favorite so far. I love the colors in it. I'm just using scraps to throw this quilt together with but if I had thought about it in the beginning I would have used these colors throughout the whole thing. Oh well, maybe next time.
Block 4 seemed to take me forever to get all the stitching done but it's finished and looks cute in all the spring-y colors.
I already have block 5 done but I'll wait until I get the bonus block as well as 6 done before I show it.
Speaking of gardens, I finally got mine tilled up yesterday. Well actually I just watched as my husband and son tilled it up. First tilling - not planting for another week or two. It was a busy day! 
Friday we hauled in 3 loads of firewood to burn throughout the summer and fall in our little firepit. It all needed split so again hubby and sons worked their tails off to get it all split and stacked. ( I did help them stack it and no that's not all of it. It extends farther to the left than what my picture shows.) Needless to say we have plenty of wood. Probably enough to last us a couple summers. 
Well I'm off to spend the rest of my afternoon working on more quilt blocks.
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In Our Garden - Just getting started!

As usual I am behind on yet another sewing adventure. I have been working for the last five months and that has left me with little time for sewing or blogging. Not complaining though, I really love my new job. I just have to learn to make the most of my time.
I have been following along with several, well maybe a few more than several (5 to be exact) free Block of the Month quilt and stitchery events. Each month I grab the pattern with hopes of starting on each one of them.
Sadly, I just don't have the time to work on them all....but maybe one day I'll get to all of them. 
For now, I'm trying to catch up with the "In Our Garden" BOM from Sew Incredibly Crazy.
It's so fun to work on and since Spring is in the air it is the perfect project.
I machine stitched my first block in blue and white.

The second block I have hand stitched. This little frog and flower was so fun to put together. 

I'm ready to begin on the next two blocks. I just need to pick my fabrics out and get started. I'm digging into my fabric stash as well as scraps for this one. It's hard to decide whether to coordinate all my fabrics or mix it all up with the many scraps that I have.

To be continued...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Granny Ripple

Finally, after a few years of working on this it is finished. Well maybe I shouldn't say I was working on it because most of that time it just sat in my sewing basket. Anyways it was such an easy pattern to work on while sitting in front of the TV in the evenings. I prefer the easy patterns that I can work on night after night without having to have the pattern right in front of me to refer to with each stitch that I make.
I took a picture of it draped over Katie's headboard but I'm not so sure that I'm actually giving it to her. I don't really think that she will take care of it. We'll see. The bright colors in it just scream Katie. 
Oh, and speaking of Katie and her love of bright colors...I took her yesterday to get her eyes checked and of course she too needed glasses so she picked a pair of bright purple glasses. I'll have to sneak a picture of her wearing them once she gets them.
I'm off to enjoy the rest of our SNOW DAY.
Stay warm and safe!