Thursday, March 19, 2009

The 912 Project

I have seen this symbol recently and didn't have a clue as to what it stood for. I don't watch much TV so I hadn't even heard of Glenn Beck. Thanks to the internet, I now know all about it and highly recommend that everyone go learn more. I will attempt to tell you a bit about it and give a few of my opinions.:0)

The 912 Project

A non-political movement to bring all Americans together, to stand UNITED, as the greatest nation ever created.

It is based upon 9 of the original twenty-eight principles that our country was built upon and a set of 12 values, hence the name The 912 Project. These principles deal with our freedoms and rights as Americans along with 12 good old fashioned values that many have lost.

Honesty-Reverence-Hope-Thrift-Humility-Charity-Sincerity-Moderation-Hard Work-Courage-Personal Responsibility-Gratitude

This movement speaks to me in so many ways. Here is one. Some of you know that I chose to take my children out of public schools this year and began homeschooling. My decision was based on this lack of values and principles in our systems. Not because my children are bad students or cause problems. They are quite the opposite. A few of my reasons:

1. Many teachers (not all) are there for the pay check - not to teach our children.
2. Board of Educations care more about making themselves shine as opposed to making our children shine.
3. This list goes on for numerous systems ( local government, state politicians and so forth.)
It's all just a big series of you scratch my back and I'll scratch your back! You make me look good and I'll make you look good.
(Come on people, stand up for what you truly believe is best. Don't fall into the slime and greed of it all!)

This is just one of the views that I see through my windows here at home. However, it is everywhere in one form or another and trust me, I could go on and on about numerous issues but I won't bore you all.

I'll just say that in a nutshell, I believe that if good values were instilled in people and those people stood up for their beliefs and didn't fall prey to the evils of greed, dishonesty, laziness, and irresponsibility then this country could be as good as it once was. So, while many are being forced to go back to the basics due to our economy, maybe everyone should take a good look and also go back to the basic values and principles that we were built on.
To learn more go to The 912 Project.


Carmen said...

I just recently started hearing about this 912 project also. I am in TOTAL agreement, this country has gotten so off track and so far away from what it once was. It seems like nowadays everyone is against everyone and those in charge don't care. I agree with the school thing too, my son has had a terrible time this year and last because he does not understand the concept of allgebra of geometry, I don't either so I can't help him. When I sugested he talk to his teacher about it she basically told him there was no help available! This makes me so mad as our teachers here are well paid and school taxes for our district are some of the highest around.. go figure! Oh I could go ON and ON , TOTALLY AGREE!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I usually stay away from political discussions, but I'll chime in about education.

I am a certified teacher. I put my son in PRIVATE school for all but 2 years, then withdrew him by grade 6 and homeschooled him. Despite health problems he had, he went to college beginning at age 15 -- REAL studies, not the "dual" courses they put high-schoolers in and then pass them no matter what.

We need to return to the "little red schoolhouse" concept for those who can't afford to stay home and homeschool. The way education is today, it's dangerous in too many areas, physically dangerous, morally dangerous, and dangerous to the decent kids -- and that is not as many kids as you might think. "The apple does not fall far from the tree."

The good kids: They are put in a system filled with crackpot teachers, bullies, and stupid administrators who care about nothing but politics or building up their own "power." They don't receive even a basic education, but they receive plenty of indoctrination.

I knew only a single decent teacher among the high school set -- and only a tiny handful among the primary grades.

Our educational system, in too many states, is like a prison system and doesn't need "reform," it needs to be COMPLETELY overhauled.

Pistolmom said...

I can't remember how I ran across your blog, but I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment... I've been very involved in the 912 Project and I'm so glad you have heard about it!!! It gives me hope that our efforts of trying to let people know are working. I commend you for Homeschooling!