Monday, March 2, 2009


What a yucky weekend! The kids seem to be getting over their colds but now it's obviously the adults turn. On Saturday we both came down with it. Just all achy, sneezy, sleepy and YUCKY!

Hopefully it will leave us as fast as it did the kids.

I found this bottle of bath salts at Walmart.
It is called Natural Mineral Bath Batherapy - Kids Cold & Flu. It was under $5.00 a bottle and it is tear-free.
I tried it and liked it. They had all different "flavors" of this stuff but I stuck with the children's version that didn't have any "extras" in it. What it did have was eucalyptus, so when you sprinkle it in your warm bath water it really helps to unclog your nose.
My only other thought for today is :)
Thank Goodness for PUFFS with LOTION!


Stellar Creations said...

You can find some of the neatest stuff at Walmart. I havent' tried the one you have but I did try the lavender scent.. awesome. Hope everyone feels better soon.


Carmen said...

Colds are NO FUN! Hope you all get back on track soon!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Keep up the hot baths, drink a lot of hot drinks too, I heat up orange juice and float cloves in it, I declare it does work & clears the nose, I think it kills germs also!!! Feel better soon!