Monday, April 20, 2009

Badminton and Bunnies

We had a great weekend here with lots of sun and warm temperatures. The picture above is of the my nephew along with my two boys. You could call them the Three Stooges. :0)

They all have badminton rackets in the picture because that is how we spent our weekend. Outdoors playing badminton. There were six of us all together. I had to go and buy another set of rackets so nobody got left out. It was quite interesting and I'm surprised that no one got hurt with that many of us playing. There were a few times that the kids went to swing, lost their grip and the rackets went flying. Then there was the time that my husband did the same thing and the racket went flying all the way up onto the roof of the building.
We had lots of fun and tons of laughter as we played. The kids got up this morning and asked if we would go out and play with them again after school but it's raining right now so we will have to see how the weather is.
We found a baby bunny nest in my Mom and Dad's yard this weekend along with 6 babies. They were so cute! Actually, it was Maggie, my peek-a-poo, that found them. Needless to say we had to take both of the dogs home after that so that they didn't get hold of the rabbits. The kids had fun watching and counting the babies.


Deb said...

Baby bunnies are so cute!
It's wonderful you all had such a great weekend - we love to play badminton as well. My Mom is the one that usually lets the racket fly!
Hope your rain heads our way -

Carmen C. said...

What a great weekend! It's raining here today too, such a bummer after the beautiful weekend. That bunny is just too cute! I love that the momma rabbits pull fur out of thier belly areas to line the nest with, so sweet of them and you have to wonder if it hurts!

lisa said...

It's cold here and will be in the 40's."sigh" but it is suppose to warm up. The bunnies are adorable and you find there next in the unlikely places to..I found one smack dab in the middle of the back yard last summer and ran over it with the lawn mower...NONE were hurt because the momma had buried it deeper then usual and my dogs didn't get to them either and I have a lab and husky/german shep mix...I guess them knew better then to do that because I would have been very upset..I was upset enough that I ran over them but very thankful none were hurt..I went out front in the front yard where the middle flower gardena and dug a hole and put her nesting in there and then the babies and for some reason the momma let me do it...I had gloves on to and the momma bunny followed me...Was the neatest thing...I would see her at the nesting hole for about a week and then they moved on...It was such a learning experience for me...

Kritter Keeper said...

ilove badminton and haven't played since i was a kid! and the precious. lisa's comment was very interesting...can't believe the mother continued to use the new nest! awesome! one time a bunny had babies right in the middle of the paddock. the horses could have easily stepped on them, so i surrounded the nest with cement blocks allowing a little entrance for mama bunny. the bunnies were fine! great post!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What PRECIOUS baby bunnies!!! Oh my, what a darling picture you got!!! Is ANYHING cuter than a baby bunny???

Tatersmama said...

What a great way to spend the weekend! I haven't played badminton in years, but I wouldn't mind trying it again!

The bunnies are sooo sweet! I used to raise them, but the neighbors dogs got in and cleaned my little business out. ;-(