Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspired by Others

I have been browsing through many a quilt blogs and am truly amazed in the wonderful quilts that these ladies create. This photo is of a quilt that I have used since I was a child. It was made by my great-grandmother, a woman that I never even met. It was like my "security" blanket when I was growing up. It is made of the old cotton that keeps you warm in the winter yet cool in the summer. It's just perfect! The problem is, it's no longer in any condition to be used. It's faded, torn and very fragile. I have it packed away in my cedar chest for fear that it will rip and tear worse than it already is.

This butterfly and all the others have lost most of their color and some of the stitching but to me it still brings warmth and the lovely thought of a lady sitting in a chair stitching away by hand.

It makes me wonder who it was made for?

Did she make it for my Grandmother or her grandkids or did she make it for herself and it was only passed on when her time came?

I do know that my Grandmother gave it to my Mother and we used it when we were growing up. After I got married I told my Mom that I wanted the old butterfly quilt and after a l..o..n..g time she finally handed it over. I used it for a good many years till it began to deteriorate and then packed it away.
I believe I enjoy sewing as much as I do because of that old quilt. I love the idea that you can make something with your hands (not store bought) that has meaning and love behind it and then give it to someone special that will appreciate it and know what it is "worth".


I have made only a few quilts in my life and they were very basic. These were small baby quilts for my kids. They've outgrown them now but they too are stored in the cedar chest for one day down the road that I have grandchildren. (Don't even want to think about that right now!)
The first one on the left was made when I was pregnant for my first child. I stitched it all by hand and it actually has held up better than any of them that I used the machine on.
The next one was made of flannel fabric while I was pregnant for child #2.
The 3rd and 4th were made a little larger to fit a toddler.
The last two of course were made for my daughter.
My time spent here in blogland viewing everyone's fabulous creations has inspired me to get busy again. I have tons of fabric just sitting around. I also have some stitching patterns that could be added to a quilt. Lots of ideas going through my head, now if I could only have a few more hours in each day.


Angelena said...

Oh I love quilting! I wish we lived closer to each other- we would have a quilting bee. I was cutting quilting squares out the other day out of some of my Dads old flannel shirts and Levi asked why I was using some of his shirts in a quilt. I told him that Grandad was getting older(74 this year and in perfect health) after he passes away I will always have pieces of him with me when I am not feeling good I can cuddle up with my Grandad quilt and remember him.

gtyyup said...

I love the quilt you cherish so much and the ones you made for the kids are so special.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I dabble with my sewing; Cindy Sue's coats, dog bandannas...I even have a brand new machine I haven't had a chance to use yet since my old one died...maybe you'll inspire me!

Carmen C. said...

Those lil' baby quilts are too cute:) and I bet SOMEDAY your grandbabies will love them too!I also love the butterfly quilt, I love all things with butterflys on:)

ellysmom said...

I BET you will be a grandma BEFORE me! LOL Old lady!

Granny Sue said...

I wonder if you might want to frame some of the squares from your old quilt? That would mean cutting it, though, and you may not want to do that. But it would preserve the best squares.

I have never tried to make a quilt and the ones my grandmother made were owrn out by us 13 kids. But I have bought them here and there and I love to use them on the beds. As you say, they're warm and cozy in winter, and still comfortable in summer.