Monday, July 13, 2009

Cruisin to the Car Show

My oldest son has taken an interest in old cars so my Unlce gives him a call on the weekends and they cruise to the car shows. Here they are yesterday heading out to Bethesda, Ohio for a show. I'm not sure what the year is but I believe that is his Ford Fairlane.

My Uncle has always had show cars and I can remember him coming and picking me and my brother up to take us for rides when we were Logan's age. We loved it! Especially when he brought a convertible.

My Dad also messed around with old cars as I grew up. He had a Corvette, Nova and a Chevelle that stick in my mind as well as others that I have no idea of the makes or models. He got rid of the last one around the time that I started having kids. If he still had them both of my boys would probably be asking for rides nonstop.

Other weekend news......

Katie lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy visited her last night!

Catch up with you all later!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That Tooth Fairy is going to be visiting often now! Once that first one lets loose...look out LuLu, here they all go...

I would love to have a classic car! They are so much fun!

Carmen C. said...

Awww...look at that face, cute as a button:) My step father has a 1926 ford model T truck, a little too old for my taste, lol, I love the old camaros and firebirds!!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a 1974 Red Chevy Nova that we bought new
when we still lived down home in WV. In Bridgeport
at that time at Harry Green
Chevy City
Such a cute little face.


Buttercup said...

The car is beautiful. I work with a number of guys who are mechanics and often the conversation turns to classic cars.

I'm with Penniwig, the tooth fairy is now a regular visitor.

Nancy M. said...

I love old cars too! That is a pretty one. I've always wanted a Ford Galaxie 500.

Katie is cute! My son lost a tooth this weekend also.