Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Pickins'

Our garden doesn't look so swell now. I'm not sure if it because of all the rain we have had this season or what. When we returned home last week my potatoes plants were dead, my peppers don't look like they have even grown any at all & some plants look like they are turning yellow. This is so frustrating when you put all the time into getting the soil ready and planting all your seeds only to have ruined crops.

I'm not the only person having this trouble in our area so I'm figuring it may just be in all the rain that we have had.

However, my tomato plants are growing good and I was able to pick green beans for the first time this year. I chose to cook the beans in a crock pot in an attempt to keep the kitchen cool. They turned out good other than I should have gotten them cooking a little earlier. They were still a little on the crunchy side. I just told everyone to think "steamed" veggies. :)

My Dad is vegetarian so I didn't put any bacon or ham in this recipe but here is what I did put in and it had a nice flavor.

Crock pot Garden Green Beans

garden green beans, clean & snipped
1 onion, diced
olive oil
1/2 tsp. minced garlic
salt & pepper to taste
1 vegetable bouillon cube

In a skillet, saute onion in a bit of olive oil.
Place green beans in crock pot.
Add salt, pepper and garlic.
Crumble the bouillon cube and toss it on top of beans.
Add onions once they are done.
In that same skillet, add some water and bring to a boil.
Scrape the bottom of the pan so as to release the good stuff that will add more flavor to your beans.
Pour the onion water over the beans and add more water if needed.
Cover and let cook on high all day.

I didn't get mine started until about 10 am and they needed to be cooked longer. I would start this early in the morning.


lisa said...

Oh it looks so good...I would have said the same thing about steaming.. Our garden is doing okay...I have lots of green leaves but nothing really on the eating side of it..I saw one tiny yellow squash and one tiny zucchini...I wish there was more...we have had high winds the last two days and the garden is taking a beating...We had real hot temps and now it is much cooler...So I don't know what I will have this year..Im not sure with the peppers..They love the heat...they did real good those few days of real hot weather. I do understand about the hard work and seeing the gardens look the way they do...But I will always garden and I always think we have small gardens and just think about the farmers making a living off it...then I change my way of thinking...It's hard tho....Lisa

Carmen C. said...

looks good:) yes, its a shame when gardens don't do well. We have 2 english walnut trees that got a bad frost this spring so we will have NO walnuts this year! If you remember my last years' crop was stolen by critters living in the shed:(

Steph said...

Our garden also had issues with all the rain we had. We only had a few hills of potatoes come up, but the rest of the plants seem to be doing okay.

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

We're on the opposite end and have had no rain. The weather man keeps moving our rain chance back to 2 to 3 days away. We had to switch over to the well line and let the sprinkler run this past weekend.

We have cukes and squash but no green beans yet. Those look good!

Chickenista said...

That looks yum!! This year the only thing we seem to be growing are Green Beans?? Hmm. But we have the opposite problem too dry. Finally got some rain last night but we'll see.

Nancy M. said...

I was wondering what a good recipe would be for green beans in the crockpot. I will have to try this, thanks! I think I may have the opposite problem, not enough watering in my garden.

Granny Sue said...

It looks delicious, Jessica. I'm going to try that--we're covered up in beans right now. Larry sold two bushels, thank goodness, or I'd be canning them all this weekend.

It is the rain that is causing the problems. Nitrogen is leaching out of your soil, causing the plants to turn yellow. The potatoes probably blighted. Larry has been spraying ours with something that controls blight so we've been okay so far, but it's touch and go. We're on a hill, so the water drains quickly and our gardens are still okay. I hope things dry out for you. In the meantime, get some nitrogen fertilizer, manure or even Miracle Gro to help your plants.

Country Whispers said...

Granny...that's what we were thinking too! We've been using Miracle Grow, however, with all the rain we haven't had to water too many times. I did go today and pick up some manure. I removed the old potato plants and replanted some new stuff plus a few more rows of beans. We shall see what happens this time around.