Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Highly Impressed with Pacific-Cycle

I could not believe my ears yesterday!

We purchased this swing set about 2 years ago from Toys R Us. It is a nice heavy duty swing set that has provided my kids with many days of play. However, the other night while my youngest two were swinging the top black bar (that everything hangs from) came crashing down upon them.
It literally fell apart at the welds!
The bar just missed Katie but Gage wasn't as fortunate. He got hit in the head and neck with it. Luckily no one was seriously hurt. Just a few bumps and bruises. My Dad urged me to call the company and let them know what happened and so I did.
I called the 800 number and got Jan, an operator that was super nice and seemed truly concerned. I didn't actually think anything would come out of the phone call other than I would give them a piece of my mind on the quality of their product. (The swing set is in excellent condition except where it was welded together.)

Anyways, the operator told me that there was only a 90 day warranty on the swing set but if I could send her some pictures she would forward them on to the quality assurance team. I sent the pictures to her last week and yesterday morning I received a phone call from the company saying that they were going to replace the whole swing set for free and that it would be shipped to my house as soon as I showed them proof that I had totally destroyed the old swing set so that no one else could use it. (I'm assuming this step is for liability purposes!)
This was great news to hear and very unexpected.
Now a days there are not too many companies that will truly stand behind their product, let alone for an item that was beyond the warranty date.
This speaks volumes as to how this company feels towards it's customers and I couldn't be happier.


Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

Wow only two years of use and it falls apart like that. It's awesome of them to replace it and all for free!

Carmen C. said...

WOW, that IS very impressive! Most companies these days fight a bitter battle to avoid replacing items that are still under warranty! I guess it pays to call though, bet the kids will love getting a whole new set:)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yes, well they BETTER send you a new swingset and I hope that it's got better welds than that last one, someone could have been terribly injured!!! Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt, but gosh that was a close call with your son.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, just after 2 years.
Jessica I sure do miss those WV peppironi rolls
and Dicarlos Pizza there in Glen Dale.

Nancy M. said...

Wow! I would be shocked too! That is a wonderful company to do that! It's a wonder your children weren't really hurt. Thank goodness they are okay. And you get a new swing set! Yay!