Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Tomato Time!

I'm up to my ears in tomatoes this year.

I am losing many to blight but trust me I still have plenty to go around.

And speaking of ears, I picked the biggest ear of corn the other day.
It measured 11 inches long which compared to the others was HUGE!
I'm busy canning tomatoes today so this post is rather short & boring but I'll be back tomorrow. I have a few new recipes to share and I'm almost finished with my fall stitchery plus I tried a few new craft ideas this weekend that I'll tell you about.
Have a great day!


Tammy said...

That salsa looks delish...pass the chips!☺

Friends sent me a bag ful of vine ripe tomatoes this mornin'...I had one for breaky!

Andora said...

Is that salsa??? it looks really good,I am getting quite a few maters too..and your post isn't boring..looking forward to the recipes...

Country Whispers said...

Andora...yes that is salsa.
I guess I forgot to put that im my post.
I made salsa last week for the first time. It was easy to make but I haven't used any of it yet, so looks may be deceiving.