Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Way to Wake Up!

I was in bed all tucked away in my warm blankets when I woke up to the sound of the mail truck pulling up in front of my house. He was bringing me my winning package from Carmen over at Waxed Out Creative Life.

She had a giveaway to celebrate her 200th post and I was the lucky winner. She has been talking about opening up some sort of selling blog on the internet and let me tell you...she really should!

Every piece that she sent was perfect. There was a stuffed prim pear, a caramel apple candle, lavender scented wooden clothespins, pumpkin cheesecake room spray and she even sent me a bar of her homemade lye soap that she made.
Thanks Carmen,
I love it all!


Andora said...

WOW!!! that looks like some really nice stuff you won there...I will check her blog out...and glad you won,couldn't have went to a nicer blogger..

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I know, Carmen is really super, super talented. If people could just see or smell her stuff, she'd sell so much she could quit her day job!!!

Carmen C. said...

You really are too kind Jessica, glad I could give you a nice wake up call though:)

Nancy M. said...

Sounds awesome! Congratulations on winning such a cool prize!

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

You sure did win quite a bounty from Carmen's giveaway! I can smell that caramel apple candle thru the computer!!