Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who's in there?

Can you guess where they are hiding?
It's their favorite spot to run through at night with their flashlights!
We spent another great weekend in the backyard sitting around a fire.
The lil' darlings as well as a few of the neighbor kids had fun running around and playing hide-n-seek.

Here's the same photo as above except I used the flash for it.
Did you guess the correct answer?
.....in the corn stalks!
This last picture is of the full moon just as it was rising above the top of the hillside.
Well I better get a movin'. It's our first day of homeschooling this year and we have lots to do so I will have to catch up on all of your blogs later.
Have a great day!


Carmen C. said...

Looks like the "children of the corn" had lots of fun!!!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I guessed corn maze, not exactly right but at least I got the corn in there...

Nancy M. said...

Cool pictures! I'm sure that was lots of fun!

Granny Sue said...

How neat. I love to see pictures of children playing. The moon shot is nice!

Anonymous said...

Those are cool photos Jessica. I saw Brad
and his show about a week ago. Finally got to tal to his dad Doug, He was very nice and down to earth.
I can see where Brad got his very hansome looks from.

Maine-ly Me said...

Looks like some great fall fun! Hope your first day of homeschooling went well. I've got a good friend who is starting homeschooling for the first time with her three kiddos!

Arlene said...

Great pics!!! And loo at those kids in the corn field!!

West Side of Straight said...

Yes aren't corn stalks for hiding great fun! Our kids used to do that too. Your moon picture great also. The most fun every summer out by a fire with everyone gathered around!