Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just a Reminder !

My SIL and I are both having giveaways on each of our blogs and there are still a few more days left to enter.

Crys's blog centers around Weight Watchers, healthy eating and staying focused on your diet. She is giving away a Weight Watcher Serving Set that is really sweet!

I stopped by their house the other night and looked at her set. They are a nice, heavy weight set of serving spoons. They are way bigger than this picture shows. I joke with her all the time because I just can't--don't--won't, whatever you want to call it, DIET.

If I say I'm dieting, I WILL fail.

I do better just trying to eat healthier and staying active as opposed to limiting myself, which I am sure will catch up with me soon! I guess I just have no will power or determination when it comes to dieting.

Oh well, if your not like me, and can follow a diet then stop on over and visit Fit & Flabless for a little motivation and some great recipes.

As for my giveaway, it's all about sewing and cross-stitching. You can enter HERE. Winner announced Monday the 26th!

Good Luck!


Andora said...

I didn't know she was your SIL.I follow her blog all the time...you guys are great..

Anonymous said...

I totally ♥ you Jess! Thanks for the lip service!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Both nice giveaways!

I don't like to call it dieting either. I think diets just won't last for some people, such as myself. I do better trying to change the nature of my snacking/overeating habits!

Buttercup said...

The spoons look great. I am so behind on blogging, but will definitely be over to visit. Hope your hand is feeling better.