Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ranch Pork Chops & a Side

We spent yesterday morning in the house doing schoolwork and then we headed up to Grandview Park to collect some leaves and pinecones for a science lesson that we are going to work on today. The kids had fun. We went to the shelter on the highest hill and of course I didn't take my camera. You can see so much now that the leaves are pretty much all gone.

Anyways, we collected leaves, the kids rode their scooters and we actually did a Math lesson while we sat at the picnic table. *Math is not a favorite subject of Gage's and sometimes if I approach it a little different it will go over so much more smoothly.* It's all in how interesting you make it.
We were outside and not sitting at a desk but he picked up on the lesson and learned it. It was more of a relaxed lesson and it worked. Already this morning he has asked if we were going to do more with it today. Yeah!
So, we headed home in time to throw something on for dinner. Nothing fancy, just a simple coating that I added ranch dressing mix to and plopped in the oven. I usually drizzle butter over chicken or pork when I bake it but this time I didn't and it browned nicely and tasted pretty good.

The photo above is the pork, mashed potatoes, scalloped corn and some lettuce with Feta cheese sprinkled over the top. I have already posted the recipe for the scalloped corn. It's not the one with corn muffin mix. You can go HERE to get it.

Baked Ranch Pork Chops

6 pork chops
3/4 cup whole wheat flour (or white)
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix
1/2 cups seasoned bread crumbs
3/4 cup milk
salt & pepper to taste

In a bowl, mix flour, dip mix, crumbs and salt & pepper.
Place milk in a second bowl.
Dredge pork chops in crumbs, then dip in milk and back again in the crumb mixture.
Place in a greased casserole.
Bake 350° for 1 hour or till done to your liking.


Carmen C. said...

YUM! You need to open up a restaurant, I would make the drive to come;)

Andora said...

I am so glad you all got to get outside on a field trip..It makes learning a lot more exciting..and the supper looks so good..I will have to try your pork recipe..with the ranch dressing is different,but sounds and looks yummy...

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Glad you got to spend some time outside. It's warmed back up here again and we are all enjoying it. Even the hens, they are laying a few eggs again.

Supper looks great! Might have to dig around in the freezer and see if I have any pork chops in there.

Granny Sue said...

looks wonderful! Now, the scalloped corn?I'd like that recipe too ;-)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Clever you to present the math in a way that engages your son. So many kids develop problems with math, they think -- actually they develop problems with how the math was INITIALLY PRESENTED to them -- and it is very hard to undo such "teaching" -- all kids learn differently but many times, in a classroom, some kids get left out and majority rules -- and it's all avoidable! Kudos on your educational approach.

Ladybird33 said...

Going to try this tonight. Thanks so much! Sounds wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.