Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Calling All Tetris Fans

No this isn't a game of Tetris but the playing pieces sure make me think of Tetris.

This was a gift to one of my kids from their Aunt & Uncle and trust me, in the short week that we have had it ~ it has been used more than most games get played in 5 years worth of time.

The name of the game is Blokus. It is a game for 4 players and each player has 21 playing pieces. (the Tetris looking pieces)

The object of the game is to use all 21 playing pieces but the catch is that each of your color pieces must join only at the corners (not side by side).

It starts out real simple but once you get about half ways through it really starts to get tricky.

The good thing is that our whole family can play this game. Because of the wide range of ages in our gang there is usually someone who is totally bored or confused with a game. Either they are too young for a particular game or to old for another.

This works for all!

The picture below is of a game we played the other night. If you look closely you will see that no two same color pieces are touching side by side, only corner to corner. You can however, place your color side by side to another players color. It is very hard to complete the game with at least one person being able to use all their pieces.


The average game usually only lasts about 20 minutes so it's pretty quick. We are a family of five so one person has to sit out each round and if they had to wait much longer then they wouldn't be happy.
I just love finding new activities that entertain our whole family. There are many games out there but few that deliver to the whole audience.

This one definately gets 10 STARS in my book!


Carmen C. said...

Looks like fun! When my son was young he always wanted board games and a few I could play but there were some of them...I was glad when he had a friend over, lol! Kinda missing those days now:(

Nancy M. said...

I love Tetris! This sounds like fun, maybe I can get it for my son's birthday in April.

Sandra said...

We bought this game for our kids for Christmas too and it is fun! It looks so simple yet it's challenging.

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

This looks like a fun game for the kids to play..good to see they love it so much. Chloe is playing a game right now as we speak! Have a great new year!