Monday, January 11, 2010

Purple Skies

Well the long holiday is over. The kids are back to school today and at normal time. It's only 9° outside so I kind of figured they would be on a two hour delay but they weren't. So the oldest is at school now and the other two are about to get started with their schoolwork as soon as they finish their breakfast.

As I was getting the kids up and moving this morning I noticed how pretty the sky was. The sun was just beginning to come up and the purple and pinks were beautiful. I know the old saying goes something like this:

Red Sky at night
Sailor's Delight.
Red Sky in morning
Sailor's take warning.

I'm not so sure that the saying holds true each and every time but I do know we are forcasted to get another 1-2 inches of snow this afternoon.
Our roads are just now beginning to melt off.
(Sorry, but I took these from inside the house so they don't look too great but it's cold outside!)
But I hear that there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel. I'm not so sure I even remember what sunshine looks like at this point. It's been forever it seems since we've had many sunny days.
Just hope it doesn't warm up too quick and then cause flooding problems for people.
Well I better get busy with school. I'll have to stop back later to see what all of you are into.


lisa said...

Yes the sailors poem is true most of the time..My Grandfather was a tug boat captain on the Hudson River and always looked at the skies...Your music is so soothing to listen to..Lisa

Carmen C. said...

Beautiful sunrise and it is so hard to believe the holidays have come and gone so fast! I found out that with the scheduling of my son's basic and AIT there is a "chance" he may get to come home for next Christmas before he gets stationed somewhere:)I still tear up everytime I think about it! Enjoy your day and stay warm!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even before I read the old ditty about a red sky, it came into my mind when I first saw your photo! :D
I know what you mean about sunshine. I'm solar powered myself. We had a full day of it on Saturday and I was so appreciative.
I hope you enjoy those hours alone today. Bundle up!!

Nancy M. said...

Pretty pictures! I wish you could send some snow down to SC!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

A lot of truth in those old weather sayings...

STAY WARM as best you can...I admire the GRIT of those in your are real troopers...

That sky looks like a beautiful watercolor painting! Almost like a purple-pink seashell color!!!

Cheryl said...

Love your pics. Would love the snow, but not the 9 degrees.

Stay warm!