Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Blahs!

Hello all!

Well my posts seem to be getting farther apart. I think the wintertime blahs (not to be confused with the wintertime blues) are finally here.
There just isn't a whole lot going on these days. Or at least nothing of interest to share or bore you all with.

We begin each morning with our schooling around 8 and usually finish up around 2. I hate to say it, for fear of ruining it, but schooling has been going so smooth since Christmas break. I've even added another class (Bible study) to our curriculum and all is going well.
Once school ends then the kids are off to play and I head to the kitchen for dinner prep. I haven't really even played with anything new on that front so I haven't had many new recipes to share. I did make a gooey mess that tasted good but really wouldn't have made for a great picture.
After dinner dishes are washed up then the evening hours are spent relaxing. We all seem to gather in the living room but everyone *chills* out with their own favorite pastime. Most of them enjoy TV or game time but I am either glued to the computer screen (reading all of your blogs) or working on one of several crafts that I have going at the moment.
Crocheted Afghan

Valentine Stitchery

Both projects are going S..L..O..W because I also enjoy reading and have had my nose buried in these books.

So as you can see I'm keeping busy and enjoying the slowness of winter but it sure doesn't give me alot to talk about with you all.

I will be back tomorrow though with a post about all the diet and exercise that you all are doing.

I am *bad*!

I usually walk through the summer months but when the weather changes and the nights fall early then I stop. I then hibernate for the winter and don't start back up till spring. After reading all of your inspiring blogs I'm thinking about starting up again (indoors) even though I HATE using a treadmill. I much prefer being outdoors on pavement.

Anyways, I can make myself exercise but I have issues with the food part of it all. So tune into tomorrow for my little rant and by all means share any words of wisdom that you may have. I can use all that I can get.

Enjoy your day!


West Side of Straight said...

I can relate to your feeling of blah-ness too! I sometimes feel like there isn't much going on to blog about, but I'm busy all the time, and not thinking it's of interest to many. The books you're reading look interesting. Have a good weekend!

Willow said...

Winter seems to sap my motivation ! I don't know if it's cause of the lack of sunshine (it's been down right gloomy here forever) or the cold. I have a lot of things I could be doing but just can't seem to get myself going.Maybe this weekend..fingers crossed.
I hear ya' about the food issues. I swear I can look at food and gain a pound ! Hope your day is going GREAT
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Beth at Mehitable Puddington's Cupboard said...

I hear you Jessica on all fronts!
I'm looking forward to reading your next blog entry. :)

Carmen C. said...

I think your afghan and stitchery are coming along very nicely! I have some good news to share, I am having surgery on........MONDAY!!!!!!!! I SOooooo can't wait to be rid of this hideous pain:)

Nancy M. said...

Maybe I have a little bit of the blahs too! I haven't been posting near as much as I once did. I am still however addicted to those Treasure Cookies, lol!

Andora said...

I am with you,I just don't have much to blog about these days either,I have been going to some of the basketball games,gets me out to see different people,spring will give us renewed spirit..I am so glad you added bible study to your curriculum,,you sure can't go wrong there..take care..

Granny Sue said...

I've heard from several other bloggers who are having the same issue, Jessica. It's difficult if not impossible to be inspired all the time. I like your handwork, though--very pretty and makes me want to take up some kind of needlework again. For me winter is hard work--getting to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, and looking, looking for the weekend so I can enjoy what I love most--my home.

Sandra said...

I hate to walk outside when I have to just bundle up to go out. I have this DVD called Walk Away the Pounds. It is great! My kids actually love doing it with me and you only need about a 4x6 area to do it. It really is a good workout. I got the 1-3 mile workout DVD for just $15. You can do the one mile in 16 minutes or the 2 or 3 mile if you can handle it. This is a fun workout but it really does work those muscles. I haven't been real inspired either. I've made some new recipes but I'm sure they are already out there so I haven't posted them.

Chickenista said...

We just implemented Bible Study with regular school this year too. DO you use a lot of online resources for help. We do. You should post the new recipes anyways a lot of us love trying them out!!

Cheryl said...

Same here, not much going on. The last 2 days was wonderful, in the high 60s-70s and the the rain and 40s.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Winter is NOT the time of year for me to try to change my eating habits much...or rather, my TOO BIG OF PORTIONS habit...looking forward to your rant!!!