Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crispy Crunchy Onion Rings

Here are the onion rings that I mentioned last week. They were so good the last time that I made them that my husband asked me to make them again this past weekend.
I aim to please so I finished off the last of the bag of onions and now he will have to wait a while before I make them again.
My waistline says wait a long while. These are so good but definitely not the healthiest. I have tried to make baked onion rings before and they were good but nothing compares to good old deep fried onion rings.
I did not measure any of my ingredients so I'm going to tell you what I used and you will have to judge on the amount yourself. You really can't mess them up.

                           Crispy Crunchy Onion Rings

                                      sweet onions
                                     self-rising flour
                                      seasoned salt
                                       black pepper
                                   ground red pepper
                                       oil to fry in

I start by cleaning and slicing all the onions into rings.
Next place buttermilk in a bowl and set aside.
In a large bowl, mix flour and all spices together.
Heat oil.
When oil is hot dip the onion rings in the buttermilk.
Next coat them in the flour mixture.
Dip them back into the buttermilk and once more in the flour.
Place in hot oil and fry till golden brown. I turn mine over half ways through the cooking time so that both sides brown nicely.
When done remove to a paper towel lined dish to soak up any of the extra grease.
That's it! It's super easy and so so tasty.
I think that the trick to tasty rings are in the self-rising flour (as opposed to regular flour) and the double dipping.
That all for today. I'm off to teach the kids and then if there is enough time I need to head to the store for a few things for Easter dinner this weekend.
Enjoy your day!


The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

They sound yummy.

Carmen C. said...

Those look delicious!!! I've never tried them with the self-rising flour, thanks for sharing:)

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Oh my gosh, Jessica! Those look and sound sooo good! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I'm gonna give these a try for sure!

Maggie and Roger said...

These look so yummy I'm making them for dinner tomorrow night. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

You know how some people like to rake up leaves and jump into them? I'd like to jump into a pile of those onion rings, holding a fork and carrying a tub of dipping sauce...