Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Messed Up Molly

Here she is!

My attempt at making a prim doll didn't turn out too well.

I loved stitching here face until I realized I had not given her a mouth and that of course wasn't until after I had already stuffed her head.
The next issue that I faced was sewing her arms and legs on.
I allowed myself too much open space to insert the arms and legs plus I should have stuffed them more. When finished she was just too floppy. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hand and just sew it up any ol' way that I could.

As for clothing....well that went downhill too along with my mood.
After spending a day trying to get the time to actually sit in one spot long enough to complete this project (which was interrupted more times than I could count on both hands) I think my mood just headed south right along with my sewing skills.
So the end result ~
Well I guess you could say she is a PRIM doll due to the crude sewing job that I have done.
She did manage to get some hair and I finally gave her a mouth but she still sits on a slant and the poor lil' thing is naked as a jaybird.

It was a toss-up as to who to give the poor thing to. Should I give it to Katie to play with or just let the dogs use it as a chew toy?
Of course, Katie won out on that one.
So now Messed up Molly sits in Katie's room nestled between all the rest of her dolls.
Maybe she can find an outfit of theirs to dress her in.
As for me and my sewing machine, well I'm NOT and it can set idle for a while.
I still have plenty of other things that I can work on by hand like my quilt or the little project that I am slowly working on as a Thank You to Ginger for helping me to get started in rug hooking. I promised myself that I was going to finish that before I even began on the rug hooking.
Oh, if there were only more hours in a day!
I better get off here and go get busy. If I'm not back on here tomorrow with a new post then I hope you all enjoy the weekend. It's supposed to be a cooler weekend here with a bit of rain so maybe I will get more time indoors to catch up on some of my projects.
Catch you all later!


Goodwife said...

I think she's darling! I totally understand getting frustrated with sewing! She really is darling though, and I'm sure you'll find some cute clothes for her. If not, just make her a really simple jumper (two squares fabric sewed together on the side with straps), and call it good enough! Have a great weekend!

West Side of Straight said...

I think Messed Up Molly is cute too! Some tea dye dabbed on her and tea dyes plaid material to make her a little dress and she'll be prim as prim can be!

Carmen C. said...

She doesn't look messed up to me Jessica! Now if I would have attempted that...well, then we'd be talking messed up, LOL! I think she's adorable!

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

aww! she is cute :) I tried to make one a few years ago... it was a horrible mess... so i understand :D

Nancy M. said...

I think she's cute! I couldn't even make it look like a doll at all!

Sandra said...

I think she is cute anyway! Put a dress on her and she'll be fine! She'll just have that homemade look, which is what I like anyway. The first doll I made didn't turn out that well either, but I kept her.

Granny Sue said...

She's perfect, Jessica. What a neat thing to make.

gtyyup said...

I couldn't help LOL when you suggested giving her to the dogs for a chew toy! I'm glad Katie won over the dogs...I think your first attempt is cute and has major personality!

Mary said...

I actually think she is very sweet. Your daughter loves her and you learned stuff in the process. I found your blog by chance. I'll be back often. I really enjoy what you do here. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary