Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pepperoni Burgers on the Grill

So sorry for the awful picture but they gobbled them all up before I got a chance to get a good picture. I had to quickly cut into this one to get a picture before my brother scarfed it up.

Well I told you all that I was in picnic mode this week so here is another recipe for your grilling-out recipe box. Nothing fancy about a hamburger but the toppings that you choose can really make a world of difference.
I grilled these hamburgers then placed them on the top rack of the grill so that they didn't burn. I then topped each burger with pepperoni that I had diced up earlier in the day. Next I added a slice of mozzerella cheese. Shut the grill lid for a minute and allow the cheese to melt. 
We had these with just the usual fixins' but you could heat a bit of pizza sauce up and spread on top as you place it on a bun ~ Grilled Pizza Burger.
Simple ~ Easy ~ Tasty
Do you have a favorite topping or way to make an ordinary hamburger taste over the top. If so, do you care to share?


Carmen C. said...

You are SO creative:) I don't eat much red meat anymore but I used to eat burgers with bacon, cheese, onion, lettuce & tomato, nowadays I usually have a veggie burger while the men have the beef!

Country Whispers said...

Carmen..I love veggie burgers too as well as the Veg. Chicken patties. Great topped with mustard, ketchup & relish as well as a slice of cheese melted on top.

Jaja said...

That looks so yummy! Gotta try those soon! Have a great weekend, Jaja

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

My husband really likes it when I put mushrooms that were pan-fried on his burger, and my son likes those french-fried onions from the can on his. Yours look so tasty!

Anita said...

Hi Jessica, Your place sounds just like mine.......My chocolate cakes never manage to get the icing on them. Before the cake has cooled down, all there is left are the crumbs. Kind regards, Anita.