Friday, April 2, 2010

Planting SPUDS

This morning didn't start out very well but it ended quite nicely.
I slept in this morning which was much needed after all the cleaning that I did the day before. However, not long after I got up I got a call from the husband. Those early morning phone calls are never good. It usually means that something is wrong and as usual that was the case. He was having problems with his vehicle and needed a tow truck. :( UGH!
Once he finished his work he hitched a ride with the tow truck driver and headed home for the Easter weekend. Now we just need to figure out what all is wrong with his vehicle and see about getting it fixed.
That whole ordeal kinda put a dent in my day but I figured there was no sense in fretting over it. So once he was home I headed to the co-op ( my original plan for the day) to get some potatoes to plant as well as a few other things. I also stopped and picked up some compost and manure to put on the garden as I planted. When I pulled in back home my husband was already in the garden with the tiller and my son was heading for the lawn mower. *See the day is getting better already!*
By this evening we had the garden all fertilized and tilled up again and three rows of potatoes planted. As it looks now, I think we still will have the room to plant 4 rows of corn, 1 row of green beans, 2 rows of tomatoes and 2 rows of peppers. Those are the crops that we get the most use of and that grow well. Oh, I forgot to add the squash in there too!
It's been a very long and tiring day but we got lots accomplished.

The kids all played outdoors today. They helped my Dad till up and fix a piece of his yard that has a low spot that sits in water when it rains. When finished they helped him cover the new grass seed with straw and then this evening they helped him put together some new lawn furniture. This weather is just what we have all been needing. Lots of sunshine and warm temps. Just too nice to sit inside!
I thought maybe we would take it easy the rest of this weekend but I've got one more job to get completed.

See that clothesline pole. Well I'm hoping to get those moved on back in the yard a bit more to where the swingset once sat. The posts are concreted in so it may take a bit of digging but once they are moved then I can pull the truck clear way up into the back yard to unload groceries right at the back door. That will be a real lifesaver when I make my big once a month shopping trip. Right now we just park out front and lug everything up the stairs to the kitchen.
Well I think I've rambled on long enough so I will head to bed now. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


lisa said...

wow you sure got alot done...we had the rain today and we are hoping we can get out back to till our garden and let it sit for a week or two..we can still get snow..Even tho I want to plant I can't.. sorry about your husband car.. Not fun having car problems.
Have a wonderful weekend..Lisa

West Side of Straight said...

Feels good to get all that done, plus a clean house! Way to go! happy Easter.

Carmen C. said...

I hope the vehicle can be fixed *cheaply* and sure glad your day got a little better as it went on, your garden is wonderful, I'm gonna plant potatoes this year too, my first time:) Happy Easter to you & your family!!!!

Anonymous said...

It really is spring when you see your friends planting their gardens! :)

Oh, I sure hope the vehicle can be repaired without much of an expense. My husband always did the work on ours because he is an auto tech, but since he retired we are at the mercy of some other person...I hate that! :(

Have a great weekend you all! :)

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Potatoes make such interesting flowers!

You are a bundle of energy.

Happy Easter! Hope the vehicle gets fixed quickly and cheaply!