Monday, May 17, 2010

Got it all planted now!

It's been a busy weekend with lots going on.
It was time to stock up on groceries for the month so that is what I did ALL day Saturday.
While I was gone my husband was busy tilling up part of the front yard. 

Our yard is not flat and this area is always a pain in the rear to mow so he wanted to cut a bit of the bank away hopefully making it a little easier to mow. It's raining today but I'm hoping that we won't get any big downpours that will wash all that grass seed and straw away. (Keeping fingers crossed.)
We also got the rest of the garden planted. We finished it by adding 22 tomatoes, 16 banana peppers and 3 squash plants.

Isn't our multi-colored fence lovely? I'd love to take it down but then I'd have to constantly yell at the dogs to get out of the garden plus it keeps the rabbits out!
We've seen deer and raccoons recently too and I sure hope they find their food elsewhere instead of in my garden.

Tomatoes and Peppers

Corn is slowly growing.

Potatoes that sure could use some weeding!
There was plenty more that went on over the weekend like cooking, cleaning, laundry, sewing and doggie haircuts and baths.

Bailey all trimmed and bathed.

I can actually say I'm glad it's a rainy Monday.
A good day to rest up after all the weekend chores and maybe get a bit of time to begin a new project (or finish an old one. :-)


Carmen C. said...

Your garden is looking great! Mine is still like quick sand and I really NEED to get my tomatoes in, they are starting to not look so great:( I'll be posting later some pics of mine so far:)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Your garden is coming along quite nicely. Have fun whatever you choose to work on today!

Janet, said...

Your garden sure looks good. We just planted our potatoes a few days ago. The hail storm we had Friday night messed up part of our peppers and tomatoes that we had just planted. We had to replant them yesterday. You've got a cute doggie.

Nancy M. said...

Your garden looks good! I would be glad to have a fence like that to keep my chickens out. I'm having to keep them penned up right now.

Bailey is so pretty!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Congrats - getting the garden in.. Thank you for mentioning the groceries for the month -- now I remember it was you with the menu and planning... I need to check it out -- changing jobs in July won't be in town at all during the week... May try the menu planning!

Granny Sue said...

You've been busy! I'm catching up and enjoying reading what's been going on up your way. We still need to plant peppers, cukes, and squash so you're ahead of us now.

I like the rug-making idea, Jessica. I'll keep my eyes open for pure wool clothes. I want to see how this is done.