Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trying to Beat the Heat

It has been soooo sticky, hot & humid here. It feels more like late August than summer and summer hasn't even officially begun yet.
I sure hope that's not any indication of what is to come. I prefer cooler spring temps. over this thick, sticky stuff.
The one good thing about this weather is that the gardens are doing great.
The down side is that the weeds are also growing great and it's way too muddy to get into the garden to get them out. Maybe it will dry up a bit within the next few days and I can get in there and get at it.

This weekend was a busy one. My SIL and niece came up for a quick visit. While they were here the kids wanted to go to GRAND VUE PARK so we headed up there to play.
              We also played a bit of putt putt golf.

                              My niece ~ Elly

The rest of the time has been spent splashing around in a little kiddie pool in the backyard.

                  Katie & Tyke making silly faces

I've been alternating from the back yard to the kitchen as the kids play in the pool so I haven't really had much time to get on the computer. (I so wish I had a laptop that I could take with me no matter where I was.)

I haven't been cooking many wonderful meals lately. Just trying to grill outdoors as much as I can so that I don't heat the house up. I do have a few dessert recipes to share with you sometime this week though.

These are the first potatoes from our garden this year and HERE is what I made with them.
Oh, and I bought some Luigi's Italian Ice the other day and both my husband & I agreed that the HOMEMADE ITALIAN ICE RECIPE that I shared not long ago with you was so much tastier than the store-bought. So much more flavor.
Well I think I've rambled on enough. I'll be back tomorrow with a homemade Apple Blossom recipe.
Hope you all are staying cool!


Carmen C. said...

LOL, the sides of that pool look mighty comfy for lounging, Looks like everyone had a great time:)Your potatoes look wonderful too, I still need to try that homemade ice recipe:D

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I think kids have more fun with their kiddie pools than with the fancy ones! I know that I loved laying around in a kiddie pool way back when, it even felt "deep" when the hose filled it up to the brim!

Those are nice-looking taters you grew!

Granny Sue said...

I wanna get in the pool! It is too, too hot for June, all right. Your potatoes look wonderful, Jessica, now when the beans come on you'll be livin' large.

Stacey said...

Hi there! Thanks for continuing to stop by my blog and leave me comments. It means so much to me!

We have been warm here, but not quite as warm as you though. The rain has been terrible here, not sure if our garden is going to make it or not? :( Your potatoes look awesome.

Love the pictures ~ everyone looks like they are having so much fun. I wish I had a pool somedays!

Hugs and blessings,

Anita said...

Hi Jessica, we have just come out of our summer and it was a scorcher. Hope you find lots of ways to cool down. Looks like the children are having fun in the heat. Kind regards, Anita.

Farmchick said...

Hi--looks busy around your place too. Your potatoes look so yummy! :) Stop over for a visit soon.

gtyyup said...

You guys are sweltering (I lit a fire in the wood stove yesterday)'ve got potatoes from your garden on the table (I've just planted) different our two areas are!

Looks like you're all off to a great summer!