Monday, August 30, 2010

A Smores Kind of Weekend

Fall is definitely around the corner.
Our days are still a bit warm but nothing like it has been over the summer. Evenings are getting a bit nippy so it's  perfect weather for sitting around a fire and that is just what we did. Both Friday and Saturday evening we sat around the toasty fire and made smores.

Remember that box that I talked about last week?
Well, it's still alive.

It's been flattened out but it makes a great wrestling mat or play spot. It's days are numbered though because it's sitting near the firepit as of today.

This weekend has been full of fun activities as well as some frustrating ones.
Saturday we got up and headed to Wheeling to take a tour of the LST325 that is docked at Heritage Port until Tuesday. Definitely worth checking out if you live in our area.
I took tons of pictures while on board and will share them with you all a little later.
The frustrating part of my weekend is that my computer is a mess. I wanted to reinstall some things to see if that cleared up a few issues that I was having.
Long story short...EVERYTHING got erased so I spent a good chunk of Sunday reloading the "guts" back into my computer. There is much more work that I need to do on it but I'm taking it in steps so that my frustration level doesn't blow the top of my head off.
I'm smiling though at the moment and telling myself that at least I am back online and able to post this and check emails.
As soon as I get the have-to-do's done then I'll take some time to go back and catch up with all of your blog posts. 
Have a great Monday!


Carmen C. said...

LOVE the campfire:D That ship looks very interesting and hope you get the computer fixed all up soon! Now that my son is gone I hope nothing happens with ours, he was the only one in the family that knew how to fix problems!!! Anywho...I will be seeing him in.....................9 days!!!!! Be prepared for TONS of pics when I get back:D

Granny Sue said...

I feel your pain--went through the same thing in March. What a hassle.

We had fire and s'mores this weekend too--wasn't the weather perfect for it? And the LST--I want to visit it when it comes to Marietta. I think it's supposed to be there for the steamboat festival. or is it sternwheelers? Can't remember.

Andora said...

I love to sit around a fire on those nippy evenings..have you ever tried reese cups instead of the hershey bar??they are soooo good..I had to switch to the reese cup because I couldn't eat the chocolate of the hershey bars,to dark of chocolate...I bet the ship was amazing..take care and have a great week...