Monday, August 23, 2010

Sometimes it's the Simple Things

Who needs toys & games when you have a box?
My oldest son drug this home last week thinking that his brother and sister would want it to play in and he was right.
They have spent more time in that box than they have played with their toys or games this week.
It has been a house...a boat...a fort...and even a bed.
That's right, they put their blankets in it and made a bed out of it over this past weekend.

I'd love to have my living room back (all open & roomy) but I just can't when they are having so much fun.
It know it will be in shreds before too long so until then I'll just wait and watch as they play in it.

This weekend I got the chance to watch the new movie called the THE LAST SONG. It's definitely worth watching!
As I sat and watched it I stitched a bit.
I started this picture about a month ago, only working on it here and there when I have the time. My eyes usually drive me bonkers when I try cross-stitching so I have pretty much given up but I found this pattern that I really liked and wanted to try it again.

So far so good!
My eyes seem to be cooperating.
I'm about halfways done with the windmill and I can't wait to start on the tractors.
Before I can sit and stitch any today though, I must get some more lesson plans finished for school.
So I'm gonna hit the books again!


Carmen C. said...

What a beautiful cross stitch, love it! I remember when my son was little, every birthday/ Christmas, the toys were cast aside and the BOXES were played with:D I remember loving them when I was a kid too, SOoooo many possibilities with a box and some imagination!!!

Steph said...

Cross Stitching is the only type of sewing I can do, although I don't do it very well. It seems like I never fail to get the thread in a big knot on the back!!

Jill said...

We are defintely a house that loves to create with boxes of all sizes! Of course our cats enjoy them too. :-) Can't wait to see your cross stitch finished.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

How kind of your older son to bring that box home to the little ones!!!

That's a pretty cross-stitch pattern, really an heirloom.

Andora said...

How are you doing??? Kids rather have a huge box than anything to play'll get your roomy room back after the kids are all grown up...we are empty nesters and I miss those day so so much..but that is just the way it goes..beautiful cross stitch...never got in to that much,but I like to quilt...take care and thanks for the box memories...

Nance said...

Grandson Jack has a 3/4 finished castle in the spare room, made from cardboard box. This Saturday past, I said, "not a child has touched that castle in 3 months, I'll throw it out." Lo and behold, without a word from me, 2 little granddaughters sat down and played Barbies in it for 2 or 3 hours! Rats! now, it has got to stay awhile longer . . .

Nancy M. said...

Kids do love boxes! They can have more fun with them than brand new toys, lol!

I haven't done cross stitch in years!