Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Remember a few posts back when I told you that I was having computer issues??
Well, I think I have it fixed for now (keeping fingers crossed) but after getting so frustrated in the process I just needed time away from my computer.
So while I was away I worked on more school lesson plans and stitched away on my John Deere picture. I didn't spend nearly as much time on this as I would have like to but unfortunately there are other things that need done around the house than sewing.

In the kitchen:
I've slowly been getting back into the baking mood. I used the last of my garden peppers to make another batch of mustard pepper, baked a new recipe for crisp and chewy chocolate chip cookies and mixed up a few spices that resulted in a new baked cajun chicken recipe. All of which I will share with you later.
But first...
I need to begin where I left off before my computer went haywire.
Our Photo Tour of the LST 325 that docked in Wheeling, WV a few weeks ago.
This ship was used during WWII but is now retired and travels around as a floating museum offering tours to the public.
Let's get started!

Enter through the cargo doors

Checking out the tanks on the tank deck

Uniforms from long ago

Helmets and Ammo

Guns on the Upper Deck

My favorite: The Galley
Where all the meals are prepared

This little hole in the wall serves as the P.O.

Well, we are about half way through the tour so I think I will stop and finish the photo tour with you all tomorrow. I hate to post all of them at once. It may make a nightmare for some with slower connections.
I'll be back tomorrow with the Captain's Cabin, wheelhouse, main deck & more.

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Cheryl said...

Glad your back and the puter is working.

Thanks for the tour!