Monday, October 11, 2010

Biking Along Wheeling Heritage Trail

My weekend mornings throughout the summer are usually spent bike riding with my Dad. Since getting a new lease on life a little over five years ago with the help of by-pass surgery my Dad has taken a new approach on his eating styles and exercise.
Diabetes has also crept in over the years so between the two it's not an option ~ it's a must!
Though he is on his own in his vegetarian diet, I am more than happy to join him in his bicycling adventures in an effort to remain healthy and strong.
So THIS  is where you will find us on the weekends and here are some photos that I took this weekend while riding.
We had an extra one (Katie) riding with us on both Saturday and Sunday. It was the first time that she had ever been on the Wheeling Trail and she enjoyed the new scenery plus the playground.
The above photo is looking North to the Wheeling Suspension Bridge with the Fort Henry Bridge in the background.
These next few were taken behind the Wesbanco Arena. They are looking out across the Ohio River and/or south.
Looks like a nice fishing spot.
Dad and Katie taking a quick rest at Wheeling's Heritage Port and taking in all the scenery.
This playground sits just north of Wheeling's Heritage Port. (right alongside the trail)
Nice hair-do huh?
She had a bad case of helmet head after wearing her bike helmet.
While Katie was playing I took a closer look at the remains of the old Pennsylvania Depot that sits directly across from the playground.
This is all that is left of it.
My Dad sent this picture to me and said that he believes that this is what it used to look like.
You can still see where the bars on the windows used to be.
Lots of vine and weeds now taking over.
We found these just above the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and I'm wondering if they are the Hedge apples that I have been in search of to repel spiders and insects.
Anyone Know???
They are pieces of one that has been smashed.

They fell from a huge tree that sat on the hillside. I would have loved to get more of them but to get to them I would have had to climb this huge stone wall.
Don't think that's gonna happen!
Well that's all for my biking pictures.
It was a busy weekend. I didn't even get the time to go near my computer.
I thought weekends were meant for resting up but it seems there is no time for rest. There has been something going on every weekend for the past month or more.
I guess I shouldn't complain though because once winter settles in and the snow begins to fly we will all be stuck indoors and bored to death wishing for that something to do.
Catch you all later!


Carmen C. said...

Those sure look like hedge apples, otherwise known as osage oranges, I think. Looks like a beautiful place for biking and glad to hear your dad is taking care:) LOL....I *may* be going back to Amish country on saturday:D

Mama-Bug said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your dad, wish mine was still here to do things with. We used to fish together. The scenery was so beautiful and I loved the photo of the bridge. Have a great week Jessica.

simple~needs said...

yes, those are hedge apples! we split them into smaller pieces and place them around the house- inside and out.
how do you get to the trail?? it sounds like something that might be a great weekend adventure.

Mama-Bug said...

Jessica those are definitely hedgeapples or osage oranges!

Nancy M. said...

Great pictures! It looks like a great place to bike!