Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween !!

Here are my two little trick-or-treaters right before we headed out tonight. The other child of mine, now too old to trick-or-treat, stayed home to help my Mom pass candy out at her house.
Gage is Scream
Katie is the Princess of Thieves
It still seems so odd to be trick-or-treating before it is
even dark out. I know they do it for safety reasons but you know, it kind of takes the fun out of it.
We did happen upon two houses that had people dressed up and acting the roles of zombies and such.
I couldn't help but laugh as I watched my children go up the steps. There was a little person on the ground that came crawling after them as though they were going to grab at their feet. Once they were on the porch to get the candy there was a girl that was pretending to cut her foot off and another boy with a chainsaw ready to pounce on them. Neither of our kids acted scared but they sure had their eyes wide open. I think they were just waiting & watching for the next ghost or goblin to hop out at them. It was definitely a house that smaller children probably would have been scared to go to but quite fun for the older ones.
Now that Halloween is over we'll be looking forward to the next holiday....Thanksgiving!
Well I should say that I will be looking forward to Thanksgiving, I'm sure the kids are looking forward to Christmas.
Hope you've all had a Happy Halloween!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Happy Halloween - our night is winding down - only 6 little people so far this evening - would imagine that they need to start getting ready for bed.... The kids costumes are cute - Scream is pretty scarey! Have a wonderful week!

Carmen C. said...

YIKES!!! Gage is TOO cute in real life to be looking so scary, LOL! Katie makes a beautiful princess and hope they had FUN:)I never liked the scary houses when I was young, sometimes I would skip right by them isn't that weird, LOL!!!!!

Patty Sumner said...

Just found your blog...enjoyed reading! Sounds as if the kids had a gareat time......will check you out again...Blessings! Check out my blog...would love to have you follow along.

Nancy M. said...

They look great! I love Katie's costume! It's different than most!