Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of All the Nerve!!

Sorry people but I need to vent.
My Dad was pulled over today by a GlenDale, WV policeman who claimed that he had clocked my Dad going 47 mph in a 35 mph speed zone.
Anyone that knows or better yet rides with my Dad knows better.
He typically drives 5 miles (or more) UNDER the speed limit and is always cautiously watching out for other drivers.
Now, Dad said as he was driving through GlenDale a white truck flew by him going much faster than allowed. (Coincidence, my Dad's truck is also white!)
When the cop stopped him, almost into the next little town, my Dad told him that he had the wrong person and that he had been passed by a speeding white truck. The cop asked him if he had just pulled out of the Kwik Mart (gas station) and my Dad told him no. He had just driven straight from Moundsville and was passing through GlenDale on his way to Wheeling.
Obviously, the cop didn't have his "crap" straight!

He has mistaken my Dad for the speeding vehicle that must have just pulled out of the gas station.
Why else would he have asked Dad that?
Well you know what?
He didn't give my Dad a speeding ticket, he gave him a warning ticket and told him not to worry about it....just throw it away.
He (the cop) again, must not have been sure of himself or he would have given Dad a speeding ticket for going 12 MPH over the limit.
GlenDale doesn't overlook that big of a speeding issue!
(If you're not from our area then I'll tell you that when passing through GlenDale---GO 35 MPH---or they'll get you.)

What makes me mad is the fact that if that officer wasn't 100% positive that he had the right vehicle then he should have never issued a ticket of any kind.
These are the kind of things (along with many others) that make citizens distrust law enforcement.


Kritter Keeper said...

your poor dad! the officer was probably texting and looked up and didn't catch the correct truck...glad he didn't get a ticket!

Country Whispers said...

Good point Kritter Keeper!
Isn't it funny how we as drivers shouldn't talk on cell phones or text yet nearly all police that you pass have a phone connected to their ear or are typing on a laptop while driving!

Carmen C. said...

OH my, your poor dad!! Sounds like you & I are having VERY similar days today and NOT in a good way! And yes, I'm just like you too in that stuff *eats away* at me till it's resolved! You really can't trust anyone these days and it's a sad thing!

West Side of Straight said...

Yes, feel badly for your Dad; but am glad it ended okey for him. Really would have been an injustice if he'd been issued a speeding ticket. Have a great day tomorrow!

lisa said...

Oh I don't even want to get into the whole police thing..You wonder why so many distrust them.. I try to trust them but shoot when you have one that lives down the street and walks his dog and lets the dog poop on your property it just gets my gander going...I am glad that he did not get a ticket...Lisa

Farmchick said...

I hate stuff like is SOOO frustrating!! So glad your Dad did not get a ticket though! :)

Angela said...

Many years ago when I drove across the Nitro/St. Albans Bridge I was on the Nitro side going toward Institute. Didn't know what the speed limit was so I was just flowing with the rest of the traffic around me. There was a police officer coming from the other direction. He turned around and pulled me over for going over the speed limit. There is a speed trap right there. He decided since I'd never gotten a speeding ticket and that I was going way over the speed limit that it would take points off my license and raise my car insurance that he would give me a ticket for not wearing my seat belt. Now, I NEVER drive without my seat belt on. I can't do it! What did I do? Well, I did what the police man told me to do of course! I didn't feel I had any option in the matter. Cost me around $50 if I can remember right. It was a good 10 years ago.