Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Frosty Start & More Than I Went For

I do believe Old Man Winter is here to stay!
I know, I know winter isn't even officially here yet but it sure feels like it!
We've been waking up to these cold and frosty mornings for the past couple of weeks. I am more than ready for the changing of the seasons but it's always a bit of shock those first few mornings when you must quickly tip-toe out of bed to grab a pair of slippers and a robe to keep the chill away. 
Now for the More than I went for part...
Remember me telling you that my stove died last week?
Well, Friday evening I went shopping with my parents. They were looking for a new sofa and I was hoping to get a new stove.
I found one at Sears but I have to wait until tomorrow for them to ship it from their warehouse in Pittsburgh. Bummer... No baking can be done yet!
We did end up using the truck though to haul other items home.
We left Sears and headed to Levins in search of a sofa for my parents. Levins is a fairly new store in our area and one that I had never been too. I was really surprised when I saw some of the great deals that they had.
My Mom and Dad found a sofa that they both liked and I ended up bringing home a full size couch. I didn't go shopping for any reason other than buying a new stove but when I saw the price on the couch I couldn't pass it up.
I got it for $150.00!
It is a super heavy couch with recliners on the two ends. The reason it was so cheap is because the fabric has a small tear on the side corner and there are a few dots of green paint on the top side.
Neither is noticeable unless you give it a thorough inspection. Since the tear is in an unseen place I'm just going to place a patch on it so that it doesn't get any worse.
Perfect for a kids play area and at a super price!
Remember my post about hedgeapples and using them as a natural spider repellant?
Well, I've been using them for about a month now. I've got them just sitting in baskets here and there throughout the house and they seem to be working. I've not found anymore spiders!
Some will disagree that hedgeapples work as a repellant but they seem to be doing the trick here.
I even placed a few on my back deck. Each year come fall there is this big nasty looking spider that sets up home in the corner of the porch ceiling. He was there again this year but since placing the hedgeapples on the deck he is no where to be found which makes me happy!


Carmen C. said...

WOW you got a GREAT deal on that couch!!!! Looks great too and I'm glad the hedge apples are scaring your spiders away:D have a wonderful day, mine will be full of stress over the wedding that has 6 weeks to come together!

Peggy Arteberry said...

I have not heard of horse apples (we call them) being used as a spider repellent! Wow... I'll have to check into that~ and they look so pretty!

Beth At Mehitable Puddington's Cupboard said...

I hate having to wait for a delivery! :(
That sofa looks soooo seriously comfortable..zzzzz. What a great deal that was and a nice surprise for the family too.
I've never seen those things before at all. But, if they can repel spiders, I'm willing to experiment. We have a huge Daddy Longlegs infestation...they're nice lumbering sorts, but go to the bathroom at 2 am while you're half asleep and stumble into a web and...*insert death piercing scream* get the picture. =D
Happy Monday to you all there in the deep chill of Fall.

Trish-Ladybug said...

Wow Great Deal on the New Sofe Love
the color too, glad you found a new
stove too.. Love that Photo where
did you find it.. Cute!!

Have enjoyable day everyone !!

Aliene said...

Sounds like you really got a deal on the couch. I just went back and read some of your post. When I read the Pumpkin Roll I thought of my Mom who passed away one and half yr. ago.
She always made them. Sometimes she used strawberries and cool whip. They were delicious. I have never heard of hedge apples. What are they used for other than spider repellant? We don't have them here in the deep south as far as I know.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful deal!

Nancy M. said...

I don't blame you for buying that couch! It's gorgeous and it has recliners! I would have bought it too, had it been me! Great deal!

Granny Sue said...

All right, I'm trying that. We've been cleaning out webs all over the porch.