Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Chance!

If you haven't signed up for my Thanksgiving giveaway then you better hurry!
It ends tomorrow and the winner will be announced.
Good Luck!

I thought that I would get a little break from my busy  schedule this week since we weren't schooling but that hasn't happened yet. Now I'm just busy catching up on all the things that I never have the time to do.
I've also been out doing more Christmas shopping before the chaos starts on Friday. I used to get up early and go shopping on Black Friday but it doesn't even sound interesting this year. I hate having to stand in line forever only to arrive and be told that the item has sold out. The other issue is the sea of rude & pushy people that will go to great lengths to get an item regardless of who they have to push out of the way to get it. 
I'd rather spend a little extra before the sales start, know that I actually have the item that I need and not have to deal with the sea of people on Friday morning.
However, I know many ladies love to shop that day and to those of you brave enough to go then I hope you find all the best deals!


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Sending you wishes for a blessed Thankgsiving!

cottageprims said...

I hate the crowds and fighting that isn't in the spirit of christmas.I always try to start early so I'm almost done.You and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!~Amy

Anita said...

Hi jessica, Yes I'm not too keen on the mad rush at this time of the year either. It can really get frustrating to say the least. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Kind regards, Anita.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Jessica. I too hate all of that After Thanksgiving madness. After working retail for years I can say it is not fun for the workers either. LOL!
I shop all year around picking up things that someone may like and then there is no big rush before Christmas.
Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving.