Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lean Cuisine Codes & some Chit Chat

Are any of you collecting the codes on the Lean Cuisine boxes?
Do you need a few more?

Lean Cuisine is not typically on my grocery list however Kroger's was running a sale on them and I had several coupons so I went ahead and purchased a few of them.
Once I got home I noticed the Lunch Tote giveaway that was advertised on the back of the box.
They are giving away a free insulated lunch bag to anyone who collects 20 codes and enters them on Lean Cuisine's website. I haven't been to their website but their ad says that you can choose from 4 different styles.
Anyways, I have 5 codes from my boxes that I won't be using so if any of you are collecting them and would like a few more then just drop me an email. I will be glad to pass the codes on to the first person that emails me about them.
UPDATE:  Codes no longer available!

On the homefront ~ nothing is new!
I haven't been cooking anything wonderful to share with you or my family. Just the same old stuff!
The mood to cook has been recently replaced with the mood to sit and stitch or work jigsaw puzzles.
All I have left to do is to stitch these last three letters and then I can get it coffee stained and finished.
Then what?
Another stitchery?
Maybe some quilting with one of the free BOM patterns?
Give another go at rug hooking?
Finish the crocheted afghan that I began last winter?

Who knows? 
I guess I'll know when the mood strikes me!

I do know that these long gray days of winter seem to be going on forever.
I always long for the quiet peace that winter brings.   
~The long evenings perfect for getting cozy on the couch while working on a sewing project or watching a movie.
~The cooler temperatures that make baking & cooking so much more enjoyable.
~oh, and I love the SNOW! (which is falling right now)

But, I'm starting to think spring or better yet summer!
The time that we can get back into shorts and t-shirts, swimming and riding bikes, late nights sitting on the porch watching the kids catch fireflies....ahhh, doesn't it sound nice?

So what are your favorite things to do to help pass the time during these long winter months and what do you most look forward to summer for?


Carmen C. said...

I used to eat those dinners when I worked but now that I'm home I usually cook...ugh! I am loving your stitchery:D I could do SO many things to pass these winter days, if only I had the energy, I usually read, either blogs or a good book, Amish fiction is my fav. I finished one recently based in Sugarcreek, it was good I may send it to you to read if your interested? SO, what I look forward to in the summer months would be gardening, I like mowing on the riding mower and smelling the fresh cut grass:)This summer I will be waiting for my grandbaby to come and I know you will be enjoying your new pool;) enjoy the snow and stay warm!!!

Angela said...

That lunch tote looks cute! If I got your 5 I would need someone to give me the other 15 that I would need to get the lunch tote! lol I don't own a microwave so those dinners wouldn't work for me at all! hehehe

We are anxiously awaiting the snow and for school to be closed for tomorrow! lol

Have a Great Day!

Anonymous said...

We got a light dusting of snow last night, which is a relief after the dumping we took last week! I also love your stitchery, and yummy recipes! I have worked many a Wysacki puzzel over the last 30yrs! My favorites. :)

Verde Farm said...

I love to do puzzles--that looks like a pretty one too. I read books in the winter much more than summer and spend too much time on the internet. I can’t stand to be inside once warm weather hits so I am pretty much outside from spring through late fall. Naps are good too this time of year :)

Nance said...

the last few winters (January mainly) I have worked to stablelize my MILS comforters and an old wool quilt of my mother's (or grandmothers). Seems like January has me pulling in, battening the hatches and protecting old (family) things.