Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snow Day To Play

It finally snowed!
It's not the first snow that we've had this winter but it's the most snow that we have received yet.
The snow began yesterday around lunchtime.
I took the dogs out and swept the back sidewalk .
Cowboy (the big one) loves to have you sweep or shovel snow at him so he was having fun.
I stopped long enough to pet both of them and give him a minute to rest. He'd go on forever if you let him.
Maggie, his little sidekick in the red sweater, doesn't chase the snow but chases behind Cowboy barking the whole way.
By early evening the snow had tapered off a good bit.
There was enough to have to clean sidewalks so after dinner that is what I did.
I love to be outside after dark on a snowy evening.
Everything sparkles!
This morning we awoke to the sound of my Dad on the tractor plowing the neighborhood sidewalks. The kids and I got dressed and went out to help.
He had it all done so we just sprinkled some salt and then went off to play.
It's evening now and we are all inside doing our own things. Some are playing Xbox while others are watching TV.
I think I may go curl up on the couch with a toasty blanket and work on some sewing.
Stay warm!


Carmen C. said...

The dogs are so cute in the snow and "Where is your coat missy"??? We have a total of about 18" on the ground, it is beautiful but it's getting a bit old:( I have spring and Amish country on my mind;)

Angela said...

We finally got our snow day today! Just got the call an hour ago that they are on a 2 hour delay for tomorrow. We still didn't get much snow down here. It was just too cold and windy to let the kids go out to play in the snow today.

Love the name of your dog! Cowboy! That's a good one! lol Kind of like my dog Two! hahaha

Have a Great Day!

Verde Farm said...

What a beautiful day you had. We got some--not as much as you all but tonight it is peppering down and adding up. Roads are covered again. Stay warm :)

Steph said...

We got 4 1/2" of snow in our freak snowstorm on Sunday night/Monday morning, and it is still here. Mainly because there is a solid sheet of ice on top of it, which makes it really messy and impossible to play in!

black bear cabin said...

looks like a cozy snowy day! your dogs are soo cute! :)

michelle said...

Looks like you were having alot of fun.I do see that maggie has her coat on.I bet her and cowboy are the best buds ever.too cute!I love the sparkle of the snow too at night under the street lights.have a great night!and enjoy the snow.blessings michelle

Mama-Bug said...

So glad you're enjoying the snow Jessica. I wish I had some down here to play in! Stay warm, the candle in the window looks so cozy.

Patty Sumner said...

Your dogs are much like mine. I have a large choc lab and a little maltie-poo who is his funny! Keep on enjoying that snow and those pets! Blessings and I love your new background!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Fun in the snow - stay warm...

Cheryl said...

Our snow turned into a thick sheet of ice the next day. Still have ice, but atleast it's off the trees and roads. Have fun and stay warm!