Monday, February 21, 2011

Better than the Kitchen Window

Look what I found this weekend at Jo-Ann's.
It's a small light box.
I've been wanting one of these for a little while now.
In the past I have just used the kitchen window.
I  always taped my project to the window and used the sunlight to create my own light box.
That method works great for tracing stitchery projects onto fabric but not so well when trying to place applique pieces where they need to go.

So I found this and it works super for my applique.
I got it for half off (only paid $8 for it) so that makes it even better!
The above photo is of yet another quilt BOM that I have started. Here I have my block laying on top of the light box as I was getting ready to place my fabric pieces in place. I'll show you more of this project later.
And just in case you are wondering- YES, I am still working on the heart blocks. (Working on block 4 of the hearts)
I am having so much fun with these.

Well, I'm back in the kitchen today and baking up a new cookie plus trying a new recipe for dinner. If they turn out tasty I'll share them with you later.
Hope you all are getting to enjoy another day off on this President's Day.


michelle said...

great find!I love the cowboy boot!so cute.your heart blocks are looking so beautiful,cant wait to see it all together.have a good dinner,mines cooking right now.blessings michelle

Carmen C. said...

Those are turning out awesome and so glad you got the light box;) Our warm up didn't last too long, last night we got a whole new 3" of snow layered with freezing rain, Chris said the roads were horrible when he got off work this morning at 7, I WANT SPRING!!!!!!

Mandie said...

Oh Jessica, that sounds like a great find. I bet the kids would even have fun with it. We are all eager for spring too! The warm weather yesterday was wonderful. I like the way you all do Valentine's Day. I would rather be home too. My hubby actually did the cooking!! It was heaven. By the way, your heart blocks are looking great. Blessings

Angela said...

Looks like that was just what you needed! Glad you found it! Hope your new recipes turned out good! I'm always looking for something new to cook around here.

Have a Great Week!

Patty Sumner said...

Again, another creative idea. Happy creating with this new gadget. Save me a cookie. Have a blessed one!

Aliene said...

I have never heard of a of a light box. I always found some way to improvise. Now I know.

Love your heart quilt blocks.

Tammi said...

I bought a light box years ago and love mine. The one I used was a homemade one made out of plywood with a piece of plexiglass on top and a light socket attached to the wood inside. Hey, might not have been the prettiest thing but it worked. lol What are you putting your hearts onto your material with?