Monday, March 21, 2011

February's Boot Block ~Just a little behind!

Here's my latest Boot Bash Block ~ I'm a little behind but better late than not at all!

If you remember I'm also working on three separate sets of blocks for the Flowers of Love BOM. I alternate between the two BOM's. Since I just finished Feb's boot block I will now work on a Flowers Block.
I've got several blocks already pieced together I just need to sit down and hand stitch them. With the nicer weather approaching I find myself outdoors more and working less on little projects like these. However, I am determined to get both of these done THIS year.
Not a whole lot going on today other than usual ~ schooling, cooking, laundry and such.
I've spent a big portion of my morning on the phone getting interest rates from our local banks.
I can't believe how high some of these banks rates are.
Do people actually take loans out with these banks?
I think I'll pass!
Gonna keep shopping around for a truck and a better interest rate.

Have a great Monday!


Aliene said...

Love your Boot Bash Block.
I need to get started with something but have not felt well enough the pass few weeks.

Have a blessed week!

Carmen C. said...

That's a very beautiful(and feminine) boot,girls only, NOT for boys, LOL!!!! Good luck with the truck shopping, it sure is frustrating!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Hope your feeling better!
Such a lovely quilt block and really like your choice of color for your boot!