Monday, April 11, 2011

Milk Chocolate Almond Pie

Hi everyone!
Did you all have the awesome weather that we did this weekend?
It didn't just feel like was more like summer and I LOVED it!
Saturday was a bit cool and cloudy but Sunday was super.
Once I got the house all cleaned and in order we headed outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.
We cut the grass for the first time this year and I'm guessing that job will need done again soon with all the wet and rainy weather we keep getting.
I'm not complaining though because that means that summer is just around the corner.....YEAH!
After dinner I parked myself in the backyard and stitched some more on my quilt blocks. When I get a few more done I'll show them to you.
Today was another nice day temperature wise but the rains have settled back in so it's cooled down a bit - but hey at least it's not snowing!

Here's a quick to fix dessert that can be thrown together at the last minute. Nothing fancy but it sure hits the spot for an after dinner sweet.

Milk Chocolate Almond Pie

1 prepared graham cracker pie crust
6 (1.5 oz.) milk chocolate bars (*see note at bottom*)
8 oz. Cool Whip
1 envelope Dream Whip
1/2 cup cold milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla
slivered almonds and mini chocolate chips for garnish

In double boiler, melt chocolate candy bars.
Place Cool Whip in a mixing bowl and add melted chocolate.
Fold in gently.
Pour mixture into pie crust and set aside.
In another bowl, combine Dream Whip, milk and vanilla.
Beat until soft peaks form.
Spread on top of pie.
Garnish with almonds and chocolate chips.
Refrigerate and ENJOY!

* Walmart has been selling their Great Value brand of 6 Chocolate candy bars in a pack for $1.00. That's less than 20 cents per bar.
Needless to say I stocked up on them at that price.
I use them in baking, making Smores by the campfire or just to eat as a candy bar.*


colleens craft shed said...

The pie sounds so good! I will have to try it out on my family. Our Sunday was a nice day to, I spent it outside on my deck when I could. No lawn mowing yet but it will be soon.

Carmen C. said...

That pie sounds so good!!! We had the warm weather too, I want this shoulder to hurry up and heal so I can go out and play in the dirt! I've been trying to finish up the big book you loaned me, getting close to being done then I'll get it back to you:) Is your pool coming soon??

Trish-Ladybug said...

The Pie sounds sooooo yummy !!!
will have to try it for sure...


Nezzy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm think I'm in love with that pie!!! Bite please???

My thighs are jumpin' for joy here!

Thanks for the recipe girl.

God bless and have an amazin' day!!!

Mama-Bug said...

Oh, if I could just take out all the calories I'd be in hog heaven!
Trying to lose a few pounds so I'll have to try this recipe a little later.

Farmchick said...

YUM!!!! No other words are needed!! lol Come on over and visit soon. :)