Friday, May 6, 2011

Cathedral State Park & Blackwater Falls

                                                            Blackwater Falls
These were stops two and three on our field trip. First up was Cathedral State Park which is located in Preston County, WV. This forest contains some of the last of the ancient hemlocks that once grew everywhere in the Appalachian highlands. The largest trees measure 90 feet tall and are 21 feet in circumference.
                                   Cathedral State Park
Unfortunately, some of my pictures didn't turn out so the above photo is the only one that I have from this stop. We were crossing a little bridge to go to a picnic shelter.

Next stop ~ Blackwater Falls
This is one of those places that I could go to over and over again and never bet bored with.
This five story tall waterfall is beautiful and due to the heavy rains that we have had lately the falls were booming.
The black or sap colored water is caused by fallen hemlock and red spruce needles that result in a build-up of tannic acid.
 Only 200 and some steps to descend to reach this overlook.  Not bad going down but it's a real treat to climb back up to the top.

Blackwater State Park covers a total of 2,456 acres and if you are a nature lover then you will have plenty to do here.
Fishing, boating, camping, hiking, swimming, skiing, sled riding and more.

That's all for today!
Next I'll show you where we stayed (and where hubby and I honeymooned almost 17 years ago) as well as an awesome military museum that's tucked away near Petersburg, WV and a fish hatchery that supplies all of our state parks.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of you!


Angela said...

I just LOVE visiting those places every year when we vacation at Canaan Valley. We'll be there in June! Can't wait!

Here's a link to the pictures I took at Cathedral State Park from last year! and here! lol

Did you know that you can walk down and up to the waterfall on a path? If you park in front of the gift shop the path is right in front of it kind of straight from the restrooms. That's the way I always travel down and up. Those steps are a killer! I need to get in shape for those steps so I can see my favorite waterfall! I love it when it is raging with water!

Happy Mother's Day!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Carmen C. said...

That's beautiful, I LOVE water falls! Hope you have a wonderful mother's day, I'm cooking and having my mom over for dinner:)

Trish-Ladybug said...

Amazing Photos... Happy Mothers Day
enjoy the Special Day....

Warm Blessings

Barbara said...

Those pictures are so beautiful, thank you friend for sharing, Happy Mother's Day, and be blessed.
Hugs Barbara