Monday, October 3, 2011

All Out of Stuffing!

There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a project only to realize that you can't complete it because you are out of stuffing or whatever else it may be...thread, buttons, etc.
I spent the whole day Saturday in front of the tv watching the Hallmark movies and stitching this little picture. I completed the hand stitching but wanted to make it into a pillow.
No time on Sunday to work on it because we had a wedding to attend...the coldest wedding that I have ever been to. It took place in an outdoor shelter at Wheeling Park.
Pond at Wheeling Park

It was a beautiful fall themed wedding. The only problem was that Mother Nature didn't cooperate that day. It felt more like a winter wedding.
Rain and wind along with temps. in the 40's. Yes, I know 40's aren't that cold but when you are standing on top of a hill with a steady wind blowing it feels a whole lot colder.
The poor girls in the wedding were in their fancy dresses but you'd see them sneak off every so often to grab a winter coat so they could get warmed up a bit.
The bride and groom didn't seem to mind, they were as happy as could be.
The Happy Couple

After we got our schooling done  today I began working on the pillow again. I finished it and began stuffing it BUT I ran out of stuffing....argh!
I guess it will have to sit in the unfinished pile until I get to the store to get more.
That's OK though because I have plenty more stitcheries to work on until then!
Have a great evening!


Rachel said...

Your pillow is very cute!

Ladybug said...

Love the Pillow.... Simple /Plain
Enjoyed your post :-) .. Sweet
Happy Couple
I'll send you some warm weather
it's still over 100 temps here..
But that could change by the
weekend Oh we hope....
Warm Blessings ...

Christine said...

Been there, too! It's a pain to run out of things but you got on so well with stitchin' and making the pillow you've not much to do to finish it which is good!
Best wishes

Carmen said...

Brrrr....even though the bride and groom were chilly on the outside it looks like they were toasty warm in their hearts:) Love your pillow and yeah, SO frustrating to run out of things! Hope you have a great day sweet one;)

Loretta said...

Very pretty pillow! The couple seemed so happy...I know it was cold in that wind...but all went well. better that near 90 temps... argh!
Thanks for sharing and have a good, good week! Hugs

lisa said...

Love the pillow and I have ru out of stuffing many times..
The wedding must have been really cold...Burrr...
Have a great night..Lisa

Carmen said...

OH...I got on pinterest, thanks, now I'm addicted to that as well, LOL!!!! Couldn't find you on there but found some great ideas:O

Nezzy said...

What a wonderful little pillows. I've got a thing for little pillows anyway!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

I have a niece who is bound and determined to have her reception outside here on the Ponderosa. Nov. 12th!!! Glory, I can't seem to convince her that' soooo not a good idea!!!

God bless ya sweetie!!! :o)