Sunday, October 9, 2011

Foggy Start to Oglebayfest

This is what it looked like as Katie & I headed out Saturday morning to go to Oglebayfest. As we headed up the hill to Oglebay the fog began to disappear and by the time we reached the top it was gone. The first thing I saw that caught my attention were these horses heading over to the parade route
and then the brightly colored trees just beginning to show their fall colors.
We parked near the mansion and I of course had to take a few picks of that too! *Click on pictures to enlarge*
Oglebay Mansion
The grounds around the mansion
Mansion Pond

We walked along the pathway to the festival tents.
They had everything!
Wooden crafts, pottery, candles, felt pillows with applique, broom making, glass blowing, and so much more.
Oh and did I mention food!
In the end I only came home with a few things even though I saw plenty that I would have liked to bring home.
Blue Smoke Salsa and Guacamole chips which are sooo good and this little felt pillow.


Carmen said...

At least you didn't come home empty handed;)Looks like fun and this seems to be the time of year for fog!

Cheryl said...

I love fall festivals and always have to buy something.

Grace said...

Looks like it turned into a lovely day. We went to a fair yesterday and I bought a "Redneck Wine Glass" which was a canning jar fused to a candlestick. I also bought a sock-monkey hat. For myself. (Sometimes staring 50 right in the eye liberates you in small ways.)

All in all I think I would like to trade with you. The pillow is adorable!

Janet, said...

I've always wanted to visit Oglebay, they say the light show in December is beautiful. Thanks for the pics.