Saturday, January 21, 2012

Encased In Ice

This is what we woke up to this morning.
A dusting of snow on top of a layer of ice.
It began snowing last night but by the time I went to bed you could here it changing over to little ice pellets. Needless to say everything is coated with ice.
We sprinkled a little salt on the sidewalks in hopes of breaking up the ice a bit before we tried to shovel.
It took a good while of chipping and shoveling to get it all cleared. 
We didn't leave the house all day so no need to clean off the vehicles. I'm not even sure I can get the doors opened. Maybe it will warm up tomorrow and make the job much easier.
After clearing the sidewalks I came in to get warm. 
I thought about stitching a bit
or grabbing my hook and thread
but instead decided to work a jigsaw puzzle.
We love puzzles so each winter when the winter blahs hit we set a table up in the living room and have a puzzle going that everyone is welcome to work on at any time.

So how's the weather in your neck of the woods and what is your favorite thing to do when the winter blahs (blues) hit?


Loretta said...

Oh you are having some rough weather! I'm cold here, no snow or ice...I like to get my magazines and catch up on them, also, today I cleaned a nasty spill out of my oven. Love those slippers! Hope you have better weather tomorrow! Have a warm evening! Loretta

Cheryl said...

You be careful on that ice!
It's been raining here all day and in the 50s.

Stay warm!

Granny Sue said...

Ice here this morning, but not as much as you, and no snow until this evening. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up. We'll see!

Carmen C. said...

That looks like the weather we got too but we had about 5 inches of snow under our ice:/ We like to do puzzles too but haven't done one yet this winter may have to buy one:) Ryan did a few of deer and glued them together to hang on their walls for cheap decor and to remind them of home:)

annie said...

i love your stitching, careful of the ice! Nothing like a puzzle to draw everyone in!

Angela said...

Wow! You got some serious ice there Jessica! We didn't get any ice at all here in the Hurricane area. Just some light sprinkles of rain today. It's supposed to warm up to 55 tomorrow! So far we have only seen a light dusting of snow 2 times this Winter. It's crazy! I really thought we'd get "the big one" this year! lol So I bought a snow shovel and sleds for the kids. Luckily I don't live in the city and don't need to worry about shoveling the snow.

Stay warm!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I saw this puzzle that you completed and had to comment. Our daughter is 19 and away at college and she and her friends LOVE to work on puzzles and they just completed one that is very similar to what you have posted here! We had the same storm and stayed inside as well. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Sharon said...

Our weather has been confused all winter. Cold for a couple of days and then spring-like weather. Daffodils blooming at the beginning of January...that ain't right!
We've had a lot of rainy days lately and I've been keeping the blues away by stitching and sewing.
Love your cute slippers! :)