Monday, March 19, 2012

Final Part of Army Training (Moving Out)

I am so late with this post but I have good reason.
It's all the warm temperatures and sunshine that we've been having.
It's simply too nice to be sitting indoors on the computer. Though now I've got lots of catching up to do again.

The final part of the Army Training is where they took the bridge apart, loaded the pieces up and headed out.
I attempted to load the video that I took but it wouldn't load. Not sure if that's a Blogger issue or a ME issue as in I don't know what I'm doing.
The above picture shows the men hooking the pieces up to the winch or whatever that "thingy" is. Once connected the long arm pulled it right into place atop the truck. Once everything was secured the truck pulled the rest of the way out of the water and headed home.
After all the bridge parts were loaded it was time to bring the boats in. I believe the men at this point were having fun as they waited their turn to come in. You could hear the roar of the engines as they played in the center of the river. 
I really wish that I could have shared the videos that I took.  I'll continue to read up on how to load videos. I followed each step but in the end it just wouldn't load. Anyone know any hinters on this please feel free to share.


Sharon said...

I don't have a clue about uploading videos. But, your Army training posts have been interesting!

Loretta said...

I can't help you either. But, I've enjoyed the excitememnt you've had! Hugs

Carmen C. said...

I would be the wrong person to ask on the video, lol, I'm lucky I get my pics on, HA! Always nice to hear our soldiers are having some fun, they sure deserve to:) I've been enjoying the weather too, where is spring, we seemed to go straight into summer?!

Nezzy said...

I know many load 'em on YouTube then copy that to their blogs. I'd Google it if I were you.

What an interesting post, I bet the video IS awesome!!!

God bless and have yourself a beautiful day!! :o)