Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break, Spring Cleaning & Spring Blooms

Spring Fever is in the air!

The boys only have three days of school this week and then they are off for a 10 day Spring Break....YEAHHHH!
I'm planning on using my time on Spring Break to get the rest of my house spring cleaned. I've slowly been working on it this month. I've managed to get a room or two wiped down each week. 
Where o where do all the dust bunnies come from? 

All this spring weather sure is helping to green things up.
The grass got cut again today. It's the third time since winter and it was plenty long enough to be raked. I talked Logan into doing that job!
There are so many beautiful colors out right now with all the blooming trees. 
This apple tree sits in our neighbors yard and looks so pretty with it's pink and white blooms.
My favorite of all though is this.
It's a redbud tree and they can be found growing along many of WV's roads. My favorite color is purple so is it any wonder these are my favorites?


Carmen C. said...

Spring sure has a beauty like no other (except of course FALL) lol! It got chilly again here, hoping it warms back up soon I was getting used to those 70+ days!!!

Loretta said...

Everything is sooo green and pretty! Love the redbud's and the purple is very pretty...Enjoy your time off, but don't work to hard! Luv

Loretta said...

Hi, J. I've just given you the Liebster Blog Award...come on over to claim it! Hugs

Mamabug said...

Oh, the joy of spring! Your redbud tree is so lovely.

Cheryl said...

Enjoy your week off. Those dusties can wait for a rainy day!

Sharon said...

We have redbuds here too and I love seeing them in bloom! Getting some of those dust bunnies out of my house too. :)

Nezzy said...

Oh yes, I loved this wonderful weather that brought out all the buds and blooms. Heck, my roses have buds even and guess what!

Yep, could front...frost predicted tonight through next week.

I fear for my plants lives. I can't cover 'em all up....I've got an acre of flower gardens!!!

Your pictures are lovely sweetie!!! :o)

God bless and enjoy your Easter!

Jen @ Jen's Farmily said...

I love spring colors. We went to a plant nursery yesterday and it made me want to start planting things like my life depended on it!

I love the redbud trees. I love a bold pop of color!