Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Half Ways There on My Promises & Borders Quilt

Good Morning!
It's going to be a sunny yet cool day here in WV again. I'm planning on another day of stitching while sitting outside enjoying this weather because that's all about to change. After today the temps. are going back up in the 90's. Uugghh!!   
I won't be stitching my Promises and Borders Quilt though because I stitched the last block on yesterday. Now I just have to wait another week until the newest block is released. 
So instead I'll take my little hexagons and begin working on them once again. 


Carmen C. said...

Enjoy the cool breezes:) I think when I get to HI on friday it's actually going to be cooler (low 80's) than here:D Such beautiful colors you are working with, love them all!!!!!!

Sharon said...

I love the colors of fabric you are using on the Promises and Borders!!! That is going to be a gorgeous quilt!!!

I must get started on making some hexi flowers. Yours are SO pretty!

Yes, we are supposed to get into the mid to upper 90s this weekend. UGH!!