Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fence Buddies~ Let the Digging Begin!

                                      (neighbors new dog) 

The neighbor got a new puppy from the pound a short time ago and it seems now, a whole month later, that the dogs have just realized that they had a pal on the other side of the fence.
                                                   (my Maggie)
It was so cute to watch these two try so hard to get through that fence. Cowboy (my big dog) on the other hand just had a few barks about it and then went and laid down.

I went back out to check on them a little later and this is what I found.

They had broken a small part of the fence off so I had to improvise with a large rock and a piece of firewood. That seems to have stopped my Maggie from digging but I can't say the same for the neighbors dog. It looks like he's got quite a few piles of bricks piled along his fence to deter the digging.

Oh the joys of having a new puppy!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Soooo Cute!
Love the pic with the puppy looking through the fence.
Prim Blessings

Sharon said...

So cute! :D

Carmen C. said...

Thank you for your prayers and comment, I wish you were closer too! Thats so cute that they have "discovered" each other through the fence, love the man-made barricades:)

black bear cabin said...

how cute...oh, the fun theyll have while you are out :) heheheheh

Cheryl said...

Love it, but I bet they will find another place to work on.