Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Learning Something New - Applique w/ Starch

I'm learning something new!
You may remember a few months back I won this pattern from Shabby Fabrics.

Well fall is my absolute most favorite season of all and even though I've got numerous other sewing projects started I just had to begin another. I couldn't resist. It's just perfect for the season!

I've appliqued before. You may remember this from last year.
But I've never used starch in the process. Just a little fusible webbing to tack my pieces to the background and then stitched around the edges.
Pretty easy!

However, my new fall project pattern says to use spray starch to tuck and fold the ends under with. So a few weekends ago I sat down and cut all the pattern pieces out.
Then I got my regular bottle of starch out ( not the spray kind * see note below*) and just mixed a small amount with water. I folded my fabric ends under and pasted them using my starch mixture and a small stippling brush. It was a little messy and I definitely need some a lot more practice but I was happy with the end result.
My corners aren't the most rounded but in time I will get better at it.
Finally, after a week with no sewing I was able to steal away a bit of time today to begin blanket stitching around the pumpkin. Hopefully I'll have this block finished this week and be able to move on to the next one. I'll show you a finished picture as soon as I get it done.

Now I've got a question for all of you about using spray starch.

Have any of you ever had an allergic reaction to spray starch?

I'm asking because last year I bought a can of it and used it once and only once. I broke out with a horrible itching sensation all around my mouth after using it. I didn't eat or drink it or even have it anywhere near my mouth but that is where I experienced the reaction.
So this year I bought a plain ol' jug of starch and mixed it myself with water and didn't have any reaction at all.
So I'm wondering what is in the can of spray that set me off?


Carmen C. said...

What a neat look, can't wait to see it finished, that's going to be gorgeous!!! I have no idea on the starch re-action unless one of the ingredients they use to make it aerosol maybe?? Have a wonderful evening!

Loretta said...

Hi Jessica, such bright and pretty colors! You did a nice job with the starch. I saw this being used on a craft show...Makes the piece much neater. The spray(aerosol) got on your skin and it could have caused the itch. I can't use any spray products because of this...the difference, my skin burns!

Lady Jane said...

Great project. I do applique and this is the first I have seen doing it with starch. I will have to try it. Thanks for the heads up. LJ

Sharon said...

Your block is going to look so nice! I've never tried the starched applique. Just the fusible web like you mentioned. I haven't had any reaction to spray starch. Hmm...I have no idea. Happy stitching!