Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Safe from Sandy

                                              These guys and gals don't mind the rain. 
                                    They were munching away in a neighboring yard.

All is well here and thankfully the storm has passed...well not entirely but the worst is over. 
Here in our area we were told to brace for high winds and possible flooding. 
A little before bedtime last night the winds were beginning to pick up and I was certain that it would be a pretty sleepless night.
But I slept like a baby, with the exception of a few noisy gusts that blew through.

So now that the winds are gone we are left with RAIN..RAIN..and more RAIN.

No major flooding yet, which is super. 
However they will be watching the Ohio River in the next few days to see how high it rises. I'm thankful that this storm brought no serious issues to us but my heart goes out to all those that were affected by it. 
There is no place like home and when that home has to be abandoned or worse...it is destroyed then you feel as if you have lost a safety net or your place of comfort.
But homes can always be rebuilt ~ lives can not so it's better to be safe than sorry!


Carmen C. said...

Glad to hear all is well! I figured I'd be up all night too but nope, slept good, the wind settled down alot by then! Horrible mess left in NY & NJ though!

linda eller said...

Good to hear that the worst is over there. We got very hard winds and colder temps, but no rain. We do need to pray for those that got hit really bad.

Sharon said...

I was thinking about you and so glad to hear you all are okay!

Farmchick said...

So glad things are okay for you. :) Come on over and say hi.