Saturday, November 3, 2012

Report Cards for Homeschoolers

It's report card time!
Both of my boys, who attend public school, brought home their report cards or progress reports the other day and couldn't wait to show it to their grandma so she could pay up or reward them for their good grades. 
Since my youngest child Katie is still home schooled I have never really seen the need for a report card as I'm the teacher so I already know what her grades are and how well she is doing.
But she begs to differ with me. 
"The boys get to take their report cards to grandma and I don't!", she says.
*Now let me say that she too has always been rewarded for her grades. She just never had an actual paper report card to hand them. I've just always told them how she was doing.*

Anyways, to end the argument I went online and found a few places that offer free printable report cards and used those to make her one on some heavy card stock that I had. 
I added up all her grades in each subject and averaged them out.
On the backside, there is a place for comments. In that area I placed a few comments from the certified teacher that reviews our work.

Now Katie has her own report card. Every nine weeks she too can walk over to Grandma & Pap's, along with the boys, and show them how well she is doing with an actual report card in her hand.  

If you homeschool and would like to make your own report card then check these sights out.

JUST MOMMIES is where I found the cover and back page.

DONNA YOUNG is where the inside course grading area was found.
Both sites have a few different types of report cards that you can choose. Just browse until you find what suits you.


Rosemary said...

So glad you came up with your own version of a report card. We don't want the boys to have something that Katie doesn't have! I bet she's just as proud of her report card as the boys are of theirs!

Julia said...

I think it is sweet that Katie wants a Report card just like her brothers and it's probably quite a good idea...just for the record :o)

Anita said...

Hi Jessica,
Good on you for tracking down a report card for your daughter. It certainly reminds us that children all want to be the same and get the same things. Children are a joy.
Cheers, Anita.

linda eller said...

Bet she is proud now to show her card to her grandparents too. Have a blessed Sunday.

Dar said...

This is fantastic. Is it required that a certified teacher check your home schooled work? I'm a concerned Grandma...and with the state requirements of the WI Knowledge and Concepts Exam, I worry some home schooled kids aren't receiving this.

Your Pork Loin looks lip-smacking!

BlessYourHearts and Hooray for those smart kids.