Monday, January 7, 2013

Logan's Knives

Here are a few more Christmas creations but they aren't mine. They were made by my oldest son (Logan) as gifts for Christmas. The one pictured above was made this year (or shall I say last year) as a gift for his Pap. He started out with a solid bar of stainless steel. From it, he cut out the basic shape that he wanted the blade to be. Then he hollow ground it, after which he filed the spine and then heat treated it. Once that process was done he polished the blade and then began creating the handle which was made from buffalo horn and spalted maple.
After he finished the knife itself, it was time to make a leather sheath for it. This is actually his third knife that he has made. 

The second knife he ever made was for his Dad two years ago.
It too was made with a stainless steel blade but the handle was made from a G10 composite material. Instead of using leather for the sheath, he used a piece of Kydex.

Both were pretty impressive (or so I thought) and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see one of my children take an interest in making things by hand.
He couldn't and wouldn't have the ability to learn this craft if it wasn't for my brother. Over the past few years my brother has gotten in to making knives. He has slowly been buying the necessary equipment and learning the tricks of the trade. With any hope Logan will continue to take an interest in the craft and take advantage of having a person to learn from.
This one is the very first knife that he made. It's made of Damascus steel and a spalted maple burl handle. It's not a very good picture so I'll have to take another picture that will hopefully show detail a little better.


Patty Sumner said...

How cool! He has some major skills there.... and you get to reap the benefits...nothing better than that...other than seeing your children use their god-given creativity.... Enjoy! Blessings!

Carmen C. said...

OH WOW, those are awesome! He did an incredible job on all of them!!! Ryan collects knives, of course they are all HERE locked away in his gun cabinet;) What a great trade to be learning, hope he keeps it up!

Loretta Thomas said...

Hi Jessica, if you didn't tell, I would have thought otherwise. He did such a great job make must be so proud of him! Could it be he's ...chip-off-the-old-block, as the olden folks would say? Lol.

Warmest Regards,

annie said...

My husband was impressed with the knives, I am too, they are real works of art.

Granny Sue said...

Jessica, these are amazing! I didn't know your son was so talented. Guess you're passing it down :)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Those are some wonderful knives and what treasures! Nothing better than handmade :)

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