Friday, January 25, 2013


The kiddos are happy today because school has been cancelled. It started snowing this morning and it hasn't stopped yet. No major amount but it's made the roads a mess. It's really slippery out there!
Good day to stay indoors.

I caught this little guy climbing the fence at my parents' house. At first I thought someone had thrown something down in their yard (that blob laying in the photo above) but then I noticed it move. 
It's the fat little squirrel that we often see scurrying up the tree after the acorns.

With a three day weekend I hope to get some time to work on a few projects. At the moment I'm still working on my knitting.
And I've begun another stitchery.
The only problem is that I messed my hand up the other day. This may sound stupid but I used a shovel to break through some ice and after I was done I noticed my left hand kept shaking. Kind of like what it does after using the weed eater on the grass in the summertime. I figured it would stop shaking, which it has, but now I have no muscle strength in that hand now. If I try to hold an ink pen or a thread and needle it feels as if I'm going to drop them & I don't seem to have much control of it. I'm guessing that I have pulled a muscle because I can feel it all the way up to my elbow.
Oh well, I will find something to keep busy with while giving my arm and hand a rest.
Well I'm off to find that "something" to get into.
Have a great weekend!


annie said...

cute squirrel!
sounds like carpal tunnel acting up, hope with some rest, your hand will be fine.
you are doing great with her scarf, blessings, enjoy your weekend.

Carmen C. said...

Love the stitchery and the scarf is coming along nicely:) I am wondering if maybe you sprained your hand, please do get it checked out if its not better soon (((hugs))) Love your furry visitor, what a cutie!

linda eller said...

Annie above mentioned carpal tunnel and it could be that for sure. In any event, it is aggravating when you cant do much. Time will cure, we hope. Your stitching looks great.

Leah said...

Sounds like you will be taking a break - enjoy some warm inside time resting!

Leah said...

Gosh - I see that I have some catching up to do on your blog - I will be back!

Loretta Thomas said...

Oh so sorry about your hand... maybe need to get it checked out, might be important. I love that you have started your knitting and doing well I might add. I have wanted to do this and maybe one day I will get the courage to do so. Take care, keep warm and baby that hand!

Sandra said...

I love the snow pictures! I'm sorry about your hand! If it's a pulled muscle it could be a little while before you can be back to normal.

Lady Jane said...

Sorry about your hand. Please get it checked out if no better. Rest should hopefully do the trick.

West Side of Straight said...

Hi - so happy to hear from you - I've been so bad at keeping up with my blog. It's good to hear from old friends. I know what you mean about sore hand. If I crochet or knit too much I'm the same way, and really bad if I do some painting. Even after mowing the yard, my hand is bad for quite awhile. I've gotten bad as to where I've even dropped a drinking glass. But I don't like surgery, so will just be careful.. Have a great day! Hope your hand is better soon. jo

Sharon said...

How is your hand doing now?
You are doing great on the knitting and I love your pink yarn! Hopefully, you'll be back to stitching and knitting again soon!