Monday, February 4, 2013

Plucking and Strumming

Good Morning!
We are having yet another snow day school and no snow on the roads at the moment but they are forecasting 2-4 inches for this afternoon and into the evening and overnight.
We live in town but our town is totally surrounded by hills and those roads can get pretty nasty when the weather changes and downright quick.
Quick enough that they don't want to chance having to bus kids home on the hills after the roads have gotten ice and snow covered. So we are having another free day of play in our household. The kids are playing (and arguing with each other as I type this) and I am practicing my dulcimer. 

**Note to myself: Kids must be bored if they are fighting. Will have to find a few chores for them to entertain themselves with. ** :0)

Anyways, my parents got me this for Christmas a couple of years ago and I quickly became frustrated with it. But over the weekend I got it back out, tuned it and began plucking and strumming again.
My kids informed me that I am horrible at it, but I see improvement. I can now play London Bridge and Mary Had a Little Lamb.
Hey, it's a start, and a better one than my past try. 
I'm reading through my book.
And watching a few YouTube videos. Now I just need to learn more, read more and practice, practice, practice.
As I tell my kids, you gotta start somewhere and practice makes perfect!


Patty Sumner said...

I have always wanted a dulcimer.. I figure mayge it is the one instrument I might possibly learn to play.. just love the idea that it sits on your lap and you can take it anywhere.. I am thinking it is easiet than a guitar...Am I fooling myself...Have a great day and you will have to post a video of you playing...I would love to know more about your dulcimer...where did they get it? How much does one cost...etc...Blessings and enjoy your snow day (if you can( :)

Carmen C. said...

I bet you'll be a pro in no time at all! When you get it mastered you have to make us a video of you playing:) The roads here have been horrible, not sure where our state plows have been all winter but they have NOT been out much at all, many accidents because of it:/ stay safe and warm (((hugs)))

annie said...

I have always wanted to play one, good for you!

Sharon said...

I wish we lived closer! My daughter plays the dulcimer and would be glad to help you out! She won GA state championship one year. She plays in a Gospel Bluegrass group and plays banjo, but does a couple of songs on the dulcimer at their sings. Keep practicing!!! The main thing is that you enjoy it. :)

Granny Sue said...

Good for you, Jessica! I need to get mine out again. I took a week of classes and have only practiced a couple times since then :/ It's not so hard, though, just pick out melodies you know. Hope the ice is melting up your way today.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

I have a dulcimer haven't played it in years...probably couldn't pluck out a tune to save my the sound of one though. Hope you and your family are staying nice and warm and you master that dulcimer!